SRRT Statements

Advocacy statements that have been released by SRRT.

Advocacy statements that have been released by the Social Responsibilities Round Table. SRRT does not and should not be taken to speak for the Association as a whole. In these statements, SRRT Action Council speaks only on its own behalf.

SRRT Statement on the ALA Bylaws Referendum
SRRT's statement on the proposed ALA Bylaws.

Remembering Virginia "Ginny" Bradley Moore
The Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) acknowledges and mourns the passing of our beloved Virginia (Ginny) Bradley Moore.

SRRT Statement on Buffalo
SRRT pledges here, in the names of the victims of this horrendous shooting, to continue this work in both our professional and personal lives, and we call on all members of the American Library Association to join us.

SRRT Statement on Meeting in Texas
The ALA Social Responsibilities Round Table calls on ALA leadership to take action in support of our shared values of social responsibilities, racial and social justice, and democracy, as well as safeguarding the health and safety of the ALA membership and LIS community by cancelling the in-person LibLearnX meeting in January 2022 in San Antonio, Texas.

SRRT Statement on the APALA Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence, March 23, 2021 (PDF)
SRRT joins APALA in recognizing and strongly condemning the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes that have caused deep harm to Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities.

SRRT Statement on the BCALA Statement to ALA Council Against Racism, March 23, 2021 (PDF)
SRRT joins BCALA's join their call that ALA Council meeting policies, communication norms and rules of conduct be re-examined and re-created with a diversity /equity lens.

SRRT Endorses BCALA Condemnation of the Death of George Floyd, May 27, 2020
SRRT's endorsement of BCALA's statement: An opposition to and condemnation of racist acts against black people. A condemnation of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers within the Minneapolis Police Department.

Statement on Racist Aggression at ALA Conferences, February 2, 2019
A condemnation of incidents of racist behavior that were reported at the 2019 American Library Association Midwinter Meeting.

SRRT Action Council Statement on Hate Speech and Libraries, 2018
SRRT statement regarding "Meeting Rooms" policy and ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom's "Hate Speech" web page.

SRRT Statement on Concern on the Use of Flags in Libraries' Public Areas - January 19, 2002
SRRT statement regarding unusual displaying of flags in libraries.