Combination SRRT All Member/Action Council Virtual Meeting, December 10, 2020

MInutes for Combination SRRT All Member/Action Council Virtual Meeting, December 10, 2020

Combination SRRT All Member/Action Council Virtual Meeting

December 10, 2020

Attending: Heather Ogilvie, Jane Cothron, Tom Twiss, Charles Kratz, Wendy Stephens, Al Kagan, Mark Winston, April Sheppard, Sherre Harrington, Julie Ann Winkelstein, Steven Phalen, Lisa Eichholtz, Ginny Moore, Joseph Winberry, Laurie Aycock, Tara Brady, Polly Boruff-Jones, ALA ODLOS (Monica Chapman), Renee A. Kiner, Kim Sigle, Melissa Cardenas-Dow, Bob Holley, Ray Pun, Laura Koltutsky, Heather Ogilvie, Mark Hudson


Call to Order

  1. Report, Candidates for Action Council and SRRT Councilor – Charles Kratz
  2. Report, December 3rd ALA Council Meeting – Tara Brady
  3. ALA Gift Memberships
  4. SRRT Newsletter Discussion – What do you see the role of the SRRT Newsletter?
  5. Membership: Al Kagan received an unofficial membership report from ALA for April and November
  6. Nominations
    1. Charles Kratz: 5 candidates nominated for Member at Large (3 open positions): Lisa Eichholtz, Mark Winston, Renee A. Kiner, Laura Koltutsky, Gerardo Colmenar
    2. SRRT ALA Councillor: Tara Brady (unopposed)
  7. ALA Council Report: Tara Brady: ALA Dec. 3, 2020 council meeting: pushed back Forward Together timeline, not prepared for a constitutional convention now, needed to set up new committee; will have next Council meeting March/April 2021; probably adopt resolutions at Annual to plan vote for final vote at Midwinter 2022, then to membership for vote.
    1. Council decision on new timeline:…
    2. Julie: were there identified areas among the disagreements or was it across the board.

  1. Julie: ALA Gift Memberships: Need to know next steps, how does this work, who should get the requests, how does the money transfer actually work ($53.00 membership to allow new members to attend ALA Midwinter for free). Monica to check with ODLOS on process for doing this and email Julie. Registration for ALA Midwinter closes mid-January.

  1. Role of SRRT Newsletter: (2010) Controversy over newsletter focusing on Cuban libraries
    1. Al: U.S. intelligence agencies funded Cuban dissidents to oppose the Cuban government, tried to create "independent libraries" run by non-librarians to distribute anti-government books and then have ALA to work as consultant to create new library system in Cuba. SRRT-AC chose not to support and set a policy. Newsletter editor did not agree with the decision and wanted to revisit the topic. Editor (Myka Kennedy) published article with opposing opinion. More questions came up recently, so issue was revisited, trying to represent both sides.

    1. Review of newsletter policy. Julie: What is the reaction to the Cuban libraries argument. Julie: policy is gendered, should not be he/she; articles could come from non-SRRT members to include activists from outside the group.


Al: the paragraph about maintaining strong connections with AC and the Editorial Board was a reaction (Editorial Board has liaison responsibilities and attends AC meetings); AC approves members of Editorial Board

Melissa: now Editorial Board members have liaison responsibility to reach out to task forces, officers, etc. for information; thinking of adding human interest stories/features, thinking of restructuring approach to newsletter==>timely and relevant to readers. How does SRRT, SRRT-AC see the purpose of the newsletter?

Sherre: According to the policy (para. 3), the Editorial Board has the power to solicit and accept articles from people outside SRRT [Julie: wording implies that people submitting articles be SRRT members].

Sherre: Editorial Board could propose language for policy update (it's due for updating)

April: this will encourage more people to be involved in the newsletter

Julie: is there anything that is important to you that might be included in the newsletter

Melissa: previously, themes were concept based, now wanting to pose the concept as a question, to engage membership/readers) figuring out ways to increase engagement. Also rethinking newsletter format, electronic formats as support (blog, email digests, etc.) so form will follow content. Wants to be better at getting content.

Sherre: is there any data on number of clickthroughs, viewers

Al: likes the idea of doing history from the newsletters of the past (Julie does "Voices from the Past")

April: Julie and Melissa, put something together and share it with AC; submissions policy [Al: wants policy reviewed by AC before implementing]

    1. Next newsletter submission deadline, Friday, Dec. 18, 2020**notes/minutes due**

  1. Tom Twiss: wants approval to use SRRT anti-BDS document for upcoming Progressive Librarian newsletter

  1. Monica/ALA ODLOS: ALA Connect; May 2021, ALA will start sunsetting/archiving listservs to end August 2021. Training available for groups to make Connect act as listserv.


April: SRRT Action Council ALA Connect Email (to start new post/discussion):


SRRT All Member ALA Connect Email (to start new post/discussion)

April: archive listserve after ALA Annual 2021

Sherre: can we control the aesthetics of the header on ALA Connect?

David Shefflick(sp) has been the person who assists groups with ALA Connect

Charles: likes the idea of SRRT training days; has been using Connect and not finding how to use the features

  1. From Kim Sigle to Everyone: 10:17 AM: Is there any kind of onboarding for new members of SRRT?

==>new members lists not available until after the April financial reports are released. Al: sends message to every new member, but new member lists have not been available

Kim: new to group, wants to know who's who, how to access listservs, etc.

  1. Herb Biblo Award: $41,000 has been transferred to awards, additional $5,000 from SRRT has not yet been transferred

Charles: Move $9,000 from SRRT budget to the Herb Biblo Award account (Jane second)

Passed unanimously.

Can contribute online through ALA Awards site or send check to ALA ODLOS/Monica Chapman.

Al moved to adjourn, April seconded.

Suggestion: do introductions at beginning of meetings.

Next meeting: Jan 23, 2021, 1:30 pm Central. April will send call for agenda items.