Using the SRRT Free Student Membership Coupon Code

Using Coupon Codes - Directions on how to apply coupon codes for free student membership in SRRT

What is a Round Table Coupon Code?

Coupon codes are designed to decrease the standard price for the Round Table membership. Our coupon code gives student ALA members free membership in SRRT. Students will need to use the coupon code when they complete the online membership transaction which includes the Round Table membership. The coupon code can be used when someone joins or renews their membership.

Coupon codes can be used via the phone but are designed to be used through our online shopping cart –

Free SRRT Student Membership Coupon Code

The coupon code for free SRRT student membership is SRRTSTUDENT23.

How does it work?

The user will enter the coupon code on the Checkout screen, the last step of the online membership dues transaction. When the user enters the coupon code, they will need to select “+Add coupon."

After hitting the “+Add coupon” button, the coupon code will be applied and the membership summary will adjust the price.

Screenshot of SRRTSTUDENT23 entered in the Coupon Code field

Once it adjusts, you can complete your transaction.

If the price did not adjust, do not proceed and contact us at


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