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Each spring, the vice-chair of STARS appoints STARS members to our standing committees and discussion groups. As a committee member, you can help shape the future of resource sharing in the US and internationally. If you would like to be considered for appointment to a STARS Committee or Task Force, please fill out the committee volunteer form. Although appointments are normally made in the Spring, the vice-chair will retain volunteer forms received at other times and may make appointments throughout the year as vacancies arise.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee - Provides leadership, coordination and direction for STARS and act on behalf of the section between meetings; Makes recommendations to the RUSA Board regarding section policy and operations; Oversees the budget & finance of the section; Establishes, evaluates, and oversees the committees dedicated to conference program planning, membership, and other activities of the section. All Executive Committee members, except the Webmaster, are elected by STARS members as part of the annual ALA election.

Standing Committees

Awards and Recognition Committee - Solicits and evaluates nominations for and selects recipients for the following STARS awards: STARS Virginia Boucher Distinguished Interlibrary Loan Librarian Award (sponsored by OCLC); STARS Atlas Systems Mentoring Award (sponsored by Atlas Systems); and STARS Publication Recognition Award.

Codes and Guidelines Committee - Maintains and promotes the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States; develops, maintains and promotes other guidelines and recommendations in support of resource sharing; monitors and, as appropriate, collaborates in the development of relevant guidelines and recommendations by other entities; ensures that STARS documents follow the guidelines set out in the RUSA Guide to Policies & Procedures, Chapter 4: Documents (Standards, Guidelines, and Recommendations).

Education and Training Committee - Develops continuing education programs in a variety of formats and venues based on the needs of the resource sharing community; establishes links with other entities involved in developing similar kinds of educational programs.

International ILL Committee - Evaluates trends in international interlibrary Loan and resource sharing. Develops materials and resources for international ILL practitioners. Sponsors and promotes international ILL resource sharing efforts, research projects, training and professional development and liaison opportunities.

Nominating Committee - Solicits nominations and prepares a slate of candidates for elected positions on the STARS Executive Committee.

Organization Committee - To advise the STARS Executive Committee regarding the structural organization of the section; to develop, review, and maintain the section handbook and bylaws; to participate in planning for the section and to monitor and report on progress toward meeting the section's goals.

Outreach and Engagement Committee - To propose, develop and implement strategies to increase membership and to retain existing members in the section; to serve as the public relations arm of STARS by promoting involvement in STARS committees and social events and making the community aware of STARS activities; to collaborate and coordinate with STARS committees on membership issues and services for the section and the division.

Discussion Groups

ILL Discussion Group: The RUSA STARS ILL Discussion Group stimulates conversation and encourages knowledge sharing about current concerns, issues and best practices related to ILL and resource sharing at the national level.

Access to Resources Discussion Group: The RUSA STARS Access to Resources Discussion Group converses about topics related to access services, user services, circulation, course reserves, and other access to resources related topics.

Special or Ad Hoc Committees

Special or ad hoc committees may be charged to take on work that falls outside the scope or capacity of STARS’s standing committees.

There are no special or ad hoc committees charged at this time.

If you would like to propose a special or ad hoc committee, please contact the STARS Chair.