International ILL Toolkit



What is the International ILL Toolkit?

The International ILL Toolkit is a freely available, crowd-sourced asset, initiated by the OCLC SHARES resource sharing consortium, designed to promote and enable greater ease of global resource sharing (interlibrary loan and document delivery) among libraries. Components of the Toolkit include:

  • A list of lenders from around the world with contact, delivery, and payment information  
  • Tips and tricks for international interlibrary loan and document delivery by country/region 
  • ILL request templates in multiple languages, which can be copied for local use, prepared in collaboration with library professionals fluent in that language

The creators of the Toolkit and the RUSA STARS International ILL Committee are currently working together to increase awareness of this resource and gather feedback on how the resource sharing community can work together to sustain and grow it. Please be on the lookout for future virtual gatherings and other ways to share ideas.

Access to International ILL Toolkit: 

Links to presentations and additional resources

Future presentations: Coming Soon!

OCLC Works-in-Progress (February 2022):
87th IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) Poster Sessions (July 2022):

17th IFLA Interlending and Document Supply (ILDS) Conference (September 2022): 
Submit your library, and ideas, to the Toolkit:
Lenders outside the United States: 
United States Lenders: 
Tips by Country/Region: 

Tips for working with the Toolkit:

Download the Toolkit to your computer

  • Click the “File” dropdown list at the upper left hand corner of the page and choose “Download”. 
  • Then choose the file format you wish to download (the Toolkit will work best as a spreadsheet). 
  • This can be especially helpful if you want to add local notes on the spreadsheet, based on requesting policies and experiences at your own library.

Filter the Toolkit on your computer

  • You can create a local “read only” filter, which only you can see, by clicking on the “Data” dropdown and clicking on “Filter Views” and then choosing “Create new temporary filter view”. 
  • You will see a message display, “This filter view is temporary, so only you can see it.” 
  • Click on any of the downward pointing triangles which display at the top of each column in order to see filtering options for that column (such as filtering the Continent/Region column to only display a specific region, or filtering the “Accepts IFLA Vouchers?” column to only show libraries which accept vouchers as payment)