Interlibrary Loan Committee

ALA Midwinter, New Orleans 1/21/2002, Monday 08:30 am - 11:00 am
Hilton NO Riverside Grand Salon B-12

Committee Purpose: To consider current aspects of interlibrary loan service and to recommend solutions to interlibrary loan problems.

ALA Midwinter 2002 ILL Committee Meeting attendees

Angela J. Wright U. of Alabama AJWRIGHT@BAMA.UA.EDU M
Ann Coder Brookhaven College M
Ann Jerabek Sam Houston State, Univ. G
Anne Beaubien U of Michigan M
Brenda Dunbar College Center for Library Automation G
Carol Smale NLC L
Charlotte Rubens U.C. Berkeley G
Collette Mak OCLC Dublin MAKC@OCLC.ORG L
Douglas Hasty FL. INTL. UNIV. M
Emaly Conerly FSU M
Gail Nichols Univ. of California, Davis G
Gary Ives TX A&M Univ M
Jeff Steely Baylor Univ. G
Joanne Halgren Univ of Oregon G
John Brunswick U. of S. Carolina JRB@SC.EDU G
Kathie Ryan-Zeugner Notre Dame Univ. G
Kay Vyhnanek Wash State Univ. M
Ken Niles NLM G
Lars Leon Univ. of Kansas LLEON@UKANS.EDU M
Lynn Wiley Univ. Illinois M
Margaret Ellingson Emory Univ. L
Marilyn Grush Univ of Delaware M
Marilyn Wood Harvard Univ. G
Marna Hostetler Univ. of South Carolina G
Mary Hollerich Northwestern Law G
Mary Wilke CRL L
Mary Williamson Wisconsin Library Services G
Merle Slyhoff U of Penn Law L
Michael Ireland CISTI L
Mick Osborne BLDSC L
Nada Vaughn Washington Univ.-St. Louis G
Nick Wharton Harvard U.-Widener G
Rick Uttich City College/CUNY RMUCC@CUNYVM.CONY.Edu G
Sam Sayre OCLC Western G
Summie Kim NLM summie_KIM@NLM.NIH.GOV G
Tannar Wray Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison M

Welcome and Introductions – Lynn Wiley

Lynn introduced 3 new committee members including Anne Beaubien, Gary Ives, and Anne Coder (in a one-year intern position).

Minute taking, Who and When (Please think of volunteering!)– Lynn Wiley

Lars Leon volunteered to take minutes for the first half of the meeting and Gary Ives volunteered to take minutes for the second half of the meeting.

Approval of Agenda – Lynn

Tanner Wray moved to accept the agenda as amended - switching agenda item #18 (Education sub-committee report) with #7 New business, Kay Vyhnanek seconded.

Committee Membership, call for new members for 2002-2004 – Lynn

Lynn reminded us that all ILL Members must be in the RUSA MOUSS Section. Current committee members should check and update their memberships as necessary. Lynn also stated they were seeking 2 new members for 2-year terms to begin after ALA Annual 2002. Anyone interested in being on the ILL Committee should contact Lynn or RUSA. Lynn confirmed that the roster listed on the agenda (as follows) is correct.

Current Interlibrary Loan Committee Members

Lynn Wiley, Chair, Univ. of Illinois, 2nd year of1st term
Karen A. Liston, Chair Elect,U WA. 2nd year of 1st term
Anne Beaubien UMichigan 1st year of 1st term
Ann Coder (intern)Brookhaven one year term 2002
Emaly C. Conerly, Florida State Univ. 2nd year of 1st term
Tom Delaney, Colorado State Univ. 1st year of 2nd term
Paul Drake (Virtual) Johnson Cty Lib. 1st year of 1st term
Marilyn Grush, Univ. of Delaware 2nd year of 1st term
Douglas F. Hasty, Florida Int'l., 1st year of 2nd term
Gary Ives Texas A&M University 1st year of 1st term
Lars Leon, Univ. of Kansas 2nd year of 2nd term
Angela Jenkins-Wright, Univ. of AL 2nd year of 2nd term
Kay Vyhnanek, WA. St. Univ. 1st year of 2nd term
Tanner Wray, Univ. of Wis–Madison 2nd year of 1st term

Minutes from Annual (Thank you Kay!)– Lynn

Douglas Hasty moved, Lou Conerly seconded, to accept the minutes as written.

Liaison Reports (Distributed prior to meeting, liaisons may refer to report)

Mick Osborne (BLDSC), Kenneth Niles (NLM), Collette Mak (OCLC), Dennis Massie (RLG), Carol Smale (NLC), Mary Wilke (CRL), and Michael Ireland (CISTI) provided brief reports. Complete reports from these liaisons, along with reports from Chris Wright (Library of Congress) and Mary Jackson, (ARL) who were unable to attend the meeting, were posted to the ILL listserv prior to the ILL Committee meeting.

Lynn recognized the many years of service that Chris Wright, Library of Congress, has provided to the ILL community. The ILL Committee agreed that we should do a resolution. Lynn will do this. Lynn also routed a card for people to sign for Chris.

There was an informative session scheduled for ALA Midwinter by a Preservation Users Group that no ILL Committee members were able to attend. Lars Leon volunteered to report back to the ILL Committee on what happened after talking with several colleagues of his to find out what happened.

Lynn asked how the liaison reporting process was working. It was decided that we should try to get the reports on the MOUSS website before the ILL Committee meeting. People also saw value in liaisons attending both the ILL Discussion Group and the ILL Committee meeting.

Education sub-committee- Mary Hollerich (previously #18 on the agenda)

Mary has been talking with Donavan Vicha, RUSA Web Program Officer, about options for ALA web-based courses. There is lots of technical support and RUSA sees these as revenue generators. Mary’s committee has not worked on content yet but that could be the next step and then submit this to ALA through the ILL Committee.

Mary and Lynn reported that they discussed another idea of a Pre-Conference or ALA Institute to allow some “face-to-face” learning events. They reported that ICAN is not scheduled to do an ILL pre-conference but would be a good group to work with; especially to get a list of people who might be interested in a pre-conference. It was pointed out that various people would be good resources for planning including Anne Beaubien, Colorado ILL Conference planners, and Joanne Halgren. Lynn suggested that a pre-conference model could get us started and then it could be built into an Institute.

This discussion reminded us of a need to possible work with PLA on these types of initiatives. Karen Liston will check into whether we can identify a liaison from PLA to the ILL Committee.

It was decided we would pursue both web-based courses and a pre-conference. Marilyn Grush moved, Douglas seconded, to develop a sub-group to explore a pre-conference; motion carried. This sub-group is Anne Beaubien, Douglas Hasty, Mary Hollerich, and Karen Liston.

ILL Program 2002- Tanner Wray

Tanner provided some background on the ILL Program for ALA Annual 2002. It will be Sunday from 1:30 to 3:30. ALCTS will co-sponsor.

Report from MOUSS Exec Board – Lynn

Lynn reported that our pre-conference was accepted. She also stated that RUSA Update would soon be part of RUSQ.

Report on All Section Meeting (Review) - Lynn

Lynn introduced Anna Donnelly who is our liaison to the MOUSS Section Review Task Force. The task force she is on will be submitting a written report to RUSA next midwinter. Anna reported that the Discussion Groups also would be reviewed. She recognized the ILL Committee and Discussion Group as the crown jewels of MOUSS.

Lynn, Anne, Karen, Tanner, Kay, Gary Ives, and Angela Jenkins-Wright, were all able to meet at the All Section Meeting Saturday morning. Lynn reported that we had talked about the minimal participation from public librarians, which is a group that RUSA is attempting to reach better.

Karen and Tanner said they would check into a liaison from PLA and see if PLA would like to co-sponsor our ILL program.

Karen suggested we put a survey on the ILL listserv addressed to public librarians to explain what the ILL Committee does and ask how we can help them. Gary moved, Tanner seconded; motion carried. Karen, Merle Slyhoff, Angela, and Tanner will work on this.

Virginia Boucher OCLC Distinguished ILL Librarian Award 2001 committee update- Joanne Halgren

There is a good pool of candidates for the award. The committee will complete its review and announce the recipient before Annual.

ILL Discussion Group Chair- Marilyn Grush

Marilyn Grush, the current Chair of the ILL Discussion Group, announced that the theme for the Saturday meeting was Challenges of ILL in Transition. There was concern with the lighter than usual turnout, perhaps a reflection of a lighter than usual attendance at ALA post-9/11. There was a discussion on balancing time spent on reports vs. program vs. discussion, and whether the 4 hour time slot is too long. It was a consensus that the 4 hour time slot in the ALA Program should be retained, though the meeting need not go that long.

ILL Program 2003- Co-chairs Ann Jerabek and Lars Leon

The committee has met on an ILL program for 2003 in Toronto. This will be done with the Canadian Library Association’s Resource Sharing Interest Group. With the Annual Meeting in Toronto, this is an opportunity to develop a program of international relevance and interest.

ACRL Copyright Committee Liaison Report – Margaret Ellingson

Margaret reported that a web course on copyright will be announced soon. Information about UCITA, the Distance Education Bill, database legislation, and the broadband bill may be found on the Washington Office site at The Copyright Office issued its report on the effects of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Movement of UCITA legislation at the state level has slowed down considerably, but still bears watching.

Working Groups

Union List – Maryilyn Grush: The group would like to invite someone from RLG to assure a broader representation from bibliographic utilities. Consensus of the Committee was that the Working Group could do this. The working group recommended for the agenda of the ILL Discussion Group meeting in Atlanta the issues regarding full text, especially advocating licensing for use by ILL. Anticipating Toronto and how union lists are used and updated in Canada.

UCITA – Rich Uttich: The ABA will be examining UCITA to assess its strengths and weaknesses. It has not passed in any more states.

ILL Request Form – Doug Hasty: Group is working on formatting the ILL request form in PDF such that it can be filled out online, and to revise the terminology of the form. Intent is to have the form available by summer.

Virtual – This group has finished its work, with no further report.

Licensing – Angela Jenkins-Wright: A new chair will be selected for the group, and new members are solicited.

Guidelines and Procedures for Telefacsimile and Electronic Delivery of ILL – Gary Ives

The working group has completed a new draft of the guidelines, which has been distributed to the Committee members. Comments and feedback for the final draft must be sent to Gary by Friday, February 8, for distribution to the working group. A final draft of the guidelines will be presented to the Committee at Atlanta.

National ILL Code Promotion and Supplementary Documentation Maintenance

Lynn announced that Emaly Conerly has been named to chair this group.

New Business

  • Nominations for IFLA liaison (nominations in by end 2002 for appointment end of 2003): Only one name may be put forward, and appointment is a significant obligation.
  • Copyright language: The Committee was requested to review the Copyright Notice Language developed by the ILL Committee in 1977. It was determined that the language was specified by statute, so no change is possible.

AALL Liaison –Merle Slyhoff

The AALL does not have a formal ILL group or committee, but has endorsed the 2001 ILL Code.


We were reminded of the upcoming Colorado ILL conference.


A motion to adjourn was seconded and approved unanimously.