MOUSS ILL Committee Liaison Report--CISTI

ALA-CLA 2003 Joint Annual Conference, June 19-24, 2003

Toronto, Ontario



CISTI will launch a Secure Desktop Delivery (SDD) service this December. The new service will make it possible for users to order scientific, technical and medical documents on the Web and receive them at their desktop.

Web delivery is quick and reliable and can alleviate problems associated with other methods of delivery, such as fax quality, firewalls and e-mail server restrictions.

“The advent of the Web has made it necessary for publishers and libraries to rethink the way that they are delivering information to their clients”, explains Bernard Dumouchel, Director General of CISTI. “Our challenge was to ensure that the publishers’ intellectual property was protected while at the same time meeting our clients’ expectations that materials will be delivered quickly online, in a convenient format.”

CISTI’s Secure Desktop Delivery system uses a small, easy to load plug-in, and the new system is backed by CISTI’s friendly, knowledgeable customer support and fast, reliable turnaround time.

While it is easy to use, the system effectively prevents unauthorized redistribution, copying and storage of documents. Many major scientific, technical and medical publishers have already signed agreements to distribute their documents through this system, including Springer-Verlag New York, S. Karger AG, Oxford University Press, Marcel Dekker Inc., Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, and Kluwer Academic Publishers. Negotiations are under way with other major publishers, such as Elsevier, with whom an agreement is now nearing completion.

Come see a demonstration of our new Secure Desktop Delivery at the CISTI booth #4922.


As of April 1, 2003, CISTI has officially extended the hours of its Urgent Service to 8:00 PM Eastern Time (ET). Our West Coast clients, as well as our clients who prefer the convenience of submitting their orders in the evening, should expect the same high quality, guaranteed two-hour rush service.

Orders received up until 8:00 PM ET whose delivery method is Ariel or Fax will be processed on the same business day. Documents and books to be delivered by courier will be processed for pick-up and delivery up until 6:00 PM ET daily with any orders completed after that time scheduled for pick-up by the courier on the next business day. Cancellation notifications will still be sent within 2 hours.

The Canadian Agriculture Library and CISTI microform collections are not yet available as part of the evening urgent service. Orders received for these collections after 4:30 PM ET will be processed on the next business day.

All telephone calls for the Urgent Service after 4:30 PM ET must be directed to the Urgent Service phone number (613) 993-1412. Clients can also fax messages to the evening Urgent Service at (613) 952-8243 or e-mail:


As part of its compliance with the Open URL standard, CISTI offers access to Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) using the ChemPort connection to any of the following CAS services:

  • STN®on the Web
  • STN Express®with Discover!
  • STN Easy®
  • SciFinder®
  • SciFinder®Scholar
  • CA on CD
  • CASelects on the Web

You can learn more about how to set up the "Your Library" button (or an ordering link to CISTI) at:

Once the Check In-house Library Option is set up for your library, you or your end-users can use the ChemPort Connection and then the "Your Library" button to order from CISTI. Users are prompted for their CISTI account number and password. The citation for the article you wish to order will automatically populate our online order form.

Please note that CISTI is configured as an Open URL target in other databases such as EBSCOHost and LinkResolver. Coming soon, a CISTI Open URL link to OCLC First Search.

For information on how to order or receive documents from CISTI, visit our web site at or contact us at 1-800-668-1222 (Canada & US) or (613) 993-9251.


Now accessible from every CISTI web page, the redesigned CISTI Catalogue features the search functionality of the old catalogue interface, but in a new, more user-friendly way.

You can reach the catalogue from anywhere on the CISTI web site by clicking on "Search and order" and then "Search and order from the Catalogue" on the left navigation bar. You can also keyword search the catalogue using the Catalogue Quick Search box found at the bottom of CISTI screens.

Detailed search help is available from every screen in the catalogue, but here are some tips to get you started in the new interface.

The catalogue has two types of searches, keyword and browse. For keyword searches, click on the "Search type" drop-down menu on the main catalogue page and scroll to "Keyword(s) anywhere." You can also click on "Advanced Search" for more specific keyword searching. For browse searches, scroll to any "… begins with" (e.g. "Title begins with") option in the "Search type" drop-down menu, or scroll to the bottom of any search screen for a list of individual browse search types.

Each search screen in the catalogue allows limiting by catalogue subset. The default subset is the entire CISTI Catalogue, but if you wish to limit your search to electronic resources or to the holdings of a CISTI branch, click on the drop-down arrow and highlight the subset you want.

CISTI is continually working to upgrade the functionality of its Catalogue. Another improvement you may notice is that since April 2003, book cover art is included in selected catalogue records.


The University of Alberta and the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) have announced a signed agreement that will make the collection of the University of Alberta Libraries available to CISTI's Link Service clients in Canada. As a result these clients will benefit from an increased selection of Link Services documents and at a reduced cost for article deliveries. This agreement supports CISTI’s mission to provide leading-edge information products and services to Canadian researchers in support of innovation in Canada.

The CISTI Link Service encompasses formal arrangements with Canadian and international libraries whose collections compliment CISTI's strength in science, technology and medicine. Link Supply supports the "one-stop-shop" delivery of documents from CISTI where the majority of orders are filled through the CISTI/CAL collections and orders for items not held at CISTI will be forwarded to our Link Partners. Most Link documents are delivered within 72 hours.

As one of Canada's major net lending libraries, the University of Alberta fills over 110,000 Interlibrary Loan requests annually. The Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Office is currently engaged in expedited service contracts with several special and post-secondary libraries in both Canada and the United States. The resources of the University of Alberta Library system comprise one of the major research collections in Canada. The system consists of numerous subject collections with a total of over 4.4 million volumes, 800,000 government documents, 33,000 serial subscriptions, 1.3 million maps, 1 million air photos, audiovisual resources, and a large collection of research materials in microform.

For more information on CISTI’s Document Delivery Services or to register to use CISTI Document Delivery Services, call our Help Desk at 1-800-668-1222 or (613) 998-8544 between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 PM ET.


More e-journal Links in CISTI Source: We have increased the value of the linking features in CISTI Source by adding the e-journal link to the article record for over 3,700 journals. Look for this link at the top right of the full article record and in your selections display. Clicking on the e-journal link will take you to the homepage for the specific journal hosted by the publisher. Publishers for whom e-journal links are available include: Blackwell, Elsevier, Kluwer, NRC Research Press, Springer Verlag and Wiley.

Extended ASCII Character Set: We have modified CISTI Source to accept the use of the extended ASCII character set, including foreign language diacritic characters (common examples: à, ç, é), in search strategies. Search terms using these characters will be translated to a non-diacritic equivalent when the search is performed (ex: complété = complete). This is a significant improvement for searchers using terms with diacritics in any language, and complements the recent enhancements we’ve made to the author search.

For more information on this or other CISTI Source features and offerings or to request a free trial account, please contact CISTI by e-mail at, and by phone at 1-800-668-1222 (Canada & US) or (613) 993-1350. You can also visit our web site at


Research Press continues to offer deep discounts on pricing: As announced at Midwinter, Research Press (RP) continues to offer a 15% reduction in site license pricing in 2003. There is a 10% discount for other subscribers receiving all 15 RP Electronic journals. There is a 75% discount on print if you subscribe to the corresponding e-journal. Unlike many publishers, RP offers perpetual access to all backfiles with each e-subscription purchased. Take advantage of these offers now.

Canadians, take advantage of access to Research Press suite of journals through the Canadian federal government depository service program.

Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science: JEES is the most recently introduced RP journal. To learn more, visit the RP website at

Third World access to NRC Research Press electronic journals: The Press is looking into offering “deeply discounted pricing” to developing countries for electronic access to their e-journals working with PERI (Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information), which is based in the UK.

PubMed linking: Research Press plans to link its full text data to the PubMed Database. Currently the linking is available to the Research Press abstract level record.

George Kline biography: Research Press will be publishing its second biography in its new Biography Series on George Kline, Canada's premier inventor, due out at the end of the year.

Canadian Geotechnical Journal back issues now available online: As part of a pilot project to explore the potential for in-house digitization at CISTI, volume 33 of the Canadian Geotechnical Journal (CGJ) from 1996 has just been converted to digital format and is now available on the NRC Research Press Web site. Digitizing back issues is a major issue for scientific publishers worldwide, as the demand to provide journals in electronic format grows. This pilot project demonstrates NRC Research Press’ capacity in this area. The experience provided an opportunity to explore one method for digitizing back issues of journals and will serve as a benchmark to gauge the time and resources required to accomplish this work for future projects.

The journal is now online and can be browsed either using its table of contents or searched by keyword at:

For more information on developments at NRC Research Press, visit our web site at:

Come visit us at the CISTI Booth #4922!