Interlibrary Loan Committee

Saturday, January 25, 2003 ; 10:00 – 11:10 a.m.
Westin, Salon III (Philadelphia)
ALA Midwinter 2003

I. The following documents were distributed via e-mail prior to the meeting for review and discussion:

  • Tanner Wray distributed the ILL Committee Program 2002 Evaluation Summary.
  • Douglas Hasty distributed copies of the revised ILL form.
  • Karen Liston, Chair, distributed the meeting agenda and the following documents:
    • Minutes from Annual 2002 Meeting from Lew Conerly and Doug Hasty
    • Flier for Annual 2003 Preconference from Lynn Wiley
    • Resource Sharing Section (RSS) Proposal from Mary Hollerich
    • Fax Guidelines Working Group report from Gary Ives
    • ILL Code Promotion Working Group report from Lew Conerly
    • Union Listing Working Group report from Marilyn Grush
    • Association of Research Libraries Liaison Report from Mary Jackson
    • British Library Document Supply Centre Liaison Report from Mick Osborne
    • CISTI Liaison Report from Michael Ireland
    • Center for Research Libraries Liaison Report from Mary Wilke
    • National Library of Canada Liaison Report from Bill Murphy
    • National Library of Medicine Liaison Report from Kenneth Niles
    • OCLC Liaison Report from Collette Mak
    • Research Libraries Group Liaison Report from Dennis Massie

II. Committee Members Attending:
Karen Liston, Chair, University of Washington
Anne Beaubien, 2003-2004 Chair, University of Michigan
Ann Coder, Dallas County Community College
Tom Delaney, Colorado State University
Marilyn Grush, University of Delaware
Julie Harwell, EBSCO Information Services
Douglas Hasty, Florida International University
Gary Ives, Texas A & M University
Nada Vaughn, Washington University in St. Louis
Kay Vyhnanek, Washington State University
Lynn Wiley, 2001-2002 Chair, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tanner Wray, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Excused: Paul Drake, Johnson County Library (Virtual Member)

III. Agenda

Liston distributed an updated Agenda. The minutes from ALA Annual 2002 were reviewed. Angela Jenkins Wright should be added to the list of attendees and Julie Harwell should be removed. With these changes, the minutes were approved.

IV. 1st RUSA MOUSS ILL ALA Preconference – Drive Through ILL: A Fast Food Buffet of ILL Workflow Options (Friday, 20 June 2003, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm)

Lynn Wiley distributed copies of the preconference flier for ALA Annual 2003. The document delivery portion of the program needs to be fleshed out and developments regarding Arielâ will be addressed. The subcommittee needs to finalize publicity and plans to survey program participants prior to the preconference to verify specific interests. Cost of the preconference is: Division Member: $165; Association Member: $210; Non-Member: $285; Retired, Student: $99. The subcommittee controlled the cost by minimizing the use of audiovisual equipment.

V. Virginia Boucher–OCLC Distinguished ILL (Interlibrary Loan) Librarian Award

The committee reviewed the purpose, procedures, and funding adequacy for the Virginia Boucher–OCLC Distinguished ILL (Interlibrary Loan) Librarian Award as required by the RUSA Guide to Policies and Procedures. Mak indicated that OCLC is pleased to continue to sponsor the award. Wiley/Grush moved the committee send a letter of appreciation to Jay Jordan for OCLC’s continued, generous support of the award. Liston will pursue the possibility of a separate letter of appreciation from RUSA as well.

Vyhnanek/Wray moved that the committee endorse the continuation of the award. The motion carried unanimously.

VI. Resource Sharing Section (RSS) Proposal

Mary Hollerich joined the meeting to discuss the Resource Sharing Section (RSS) Proposal. Along with a petition containing the signatures of 200 RUSA members, ALA requires supporting documentation, including past activities of the relevant committees, sponsored programs and attendance. We should probably include reference to the ILL Code and Guidelines maintained by the Committee. ALA also requires a list of the proposed committees, their charges and projects for each for 3 years. Recommendations for these should be sent to Karen Liston ( or Anne Beaubien ( The RSS Proposal Task Force, which will be meeting via conference call, hopes to have the 200 signatures prior to ALA Annual 2003. The signatures cannot be submitted electronically, but a copy of the petition can be published on a web page and then printed and signed for submission. The petition will be finalized soon and will appear on the RSS Proposal Task Force web site, which is in development.
Hollerich requested a formal endorsement from the ILL Committee for the RSS Proposal. Wiley/ Beaubien so moved. The motion carried committee unanimously.

VII. Working Group Reports

A. Report of Web Available ALA Request Form Working Group

Hasty reported on the progress of the Web Available ALA Request Form Working Group. Beaubien inquired if all the fields on the form were necessary; Hasty confirmed that to have one all-purpose form, all of the fields are needed. Harwell inquired if all fields were meant to be edited, as she could not edit the lending fields. If so, the lending library could transmit a response more quickly to the requesting library, including a ship date indication. Hasty advised that he would investigate these issues and asked that any feedback be sent to him via e-mail by 01 March. The Working Group will review all suggestions and hope to have a final version to be approved at ALA Annual 2003.

B. Guidelines and Procedures for Telefacsimile and Electronic Delivery of ILL Working Group

Ives asked for comments regarding the revision distributed via e-mail prior to the meeting. The document contained the text to be changed within the Explanatory Supplement of the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States in order to integrate the Guidelines and Procedures for Telefacsimile and Electronic Delivery of ILL. Vyhnanek/Grush moved to accept the new revision to the Explanatory Supplement of the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States and to eliminate the Guidelines and Procedures for Telefacsimile and Electronic Delivery of ILL. The motion carried unanimously. Ives extended thanks to the other members of the Fax Guidelines Working Group for their efforts.

Wiley/Ives moved that a working group be created to integrate the Interlibrary Loan Packaging and Wrapping Guidelines within the Explanatory Supplement of the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States. The motion carried unanimously. Liston called for volunteers to chair the working group; Harwell agreed.

C. UCITA Working Group Report

Uttich distributed a report; there were no questions from the committee. Vyhnanek noted the dates and times of upcoming UCITA related meetings during Midwinter.

D. Union Listing Working Group

As noted in advance, the Union Listing Working Group is not submitting a report.

E. ILL Code Promotion Working Group

The report submitted by Conerly was distributed prior to the meeting via e-mail by Liston and there were no questions.

F. Licensing Working Group Report

Oberlander had indicated a need to step down as chair of this working group. Wiley advised that she can serve temporarily as a contact for this working group. It is Wiley’s understanding that the working group is currently soliciting input from publishers for a web site they created. Liston will confirm Oberlander’s ability to continue to serve.

G. Virtual Membership Working Group

Liston thanked the working group for its work. The Virtual Membership Working Group was discharged in 2001 after submitting its report. Wiley noted that RUSA has not acted on their recommendations, but it is something we want to pursue within the RSS Proposal.

VIII. Agency Liaison Reports

NOTE: Agency Liaisons were not invited to report to the ILL Committee in person, but did report and respond to questions during the ILL Discussion Group Meeting earlier this morning. They included:

A. Association of College and Research Libraries Copyright Report - Margaret Ellingson

B. Association of Research Libraries – Mary Jackson

C. British Library Document Supply Centre - Mick Osborne

D. CISTI - Michael Ireland

E. Center for Research Libraries – Mary Wilke

F. Library of Congress

NOTE: Liston has attempted to reach our past contact with no success. She will continue to reestablish contact. When the ILL Committee returned to the ILL Discussion Group (after this meeting of the ILL Committee), Debra McKern ( reported for Steve Herman (

G. National Library of Canada - Bill Murphy
H. National Library of Medicine – Kenneth Niles

I. OCLC - Collette Mak

J. Research Libraries Group – Dennis Massie

The report submitted by Massie was distributed prior to the meeting via e-mail by Liston. The committee discussed the recent acquisition of Arielâ by Infotrieveâ. Massie will address the ILL Discussion Group regarding this and his report. Beaubien attended an RLG SHARES Executive Committee meeting and indicated that the selling of Arielâ came as a directive from the RLG Board. Due to the fact the RLG’s purpose is to serve its 162 members and that supporting the 9,000 Arielâ users impacts RLG’s ability to serve its members. Beaubien recommended that we suggest Infotrieveâ continue to have an advisory group for Arielâ as RLG did. Hasty reported that Infotrieveâ does plan to do so and that he has agreed to serve on this Advisory Board. Hasty indicated that Infotrieveâ view on this acquisition is that RLG could not support the needs to take Arielâ to the next level. Hasty has warned Infotrieveâ that if there are attempts to control/monitor the usage of Arielâ, then Infotrieveâ will suffer from libraries “jumping ship” as they are several alternatives to the Arielâ software. Hasty also shared that the support group from RLG is now employed by Infotrieveâ; so, support should be seamless. Wiley/Hasty moved that the committee approach Infotrieveâ regarding a liaison or slot on the Advisory Board for Arielâ from the ILL Committee. The motion carried unanimously.

IX. Association Liaison Reports

These associations meet after ALA Midwinter and their reports can be distributed after the meeting.

X. ALCTS Serials Section Program Co-Sponsorship of Serials Pig in the Aggregators Poke III

We are co-sponsoring this program in name only; no funds have been contributed. ALCTS has contacted us for volunteers to help with publicity and logistics. Liston recommended we assist with publicity as the program will be held at the same time as the ILL Discussion Group. Contact Ann Doyle at

XI. ILL Committee Membership

Theresa Fox has resigned from the committee, and Liston will request that a replacement from the public library sector be appointed by the MOUSS Chair/Chair-Elect.

XII. ALA 2004 Program Planning

If a preconference will be sponsored at ALA Annual 2004, planning must begin at ALA Midwinter 2003. Planning for conference programs for ALA Annual 2004 must begin at ALA Annual 2003. The committee decided that we would not sponsor a preconference for ALA Annual 2004, but we would plan to submit a program proposal for ALA Annual 2004. Proposals ( or are due 15 May 2003. Hasty, Vaughn, Vyhnanek and Wiley volunteered to serve on the subcommittee needed to coordinate the program.

XIII. 2004 PLA Preconference Proposal

The deadline for proposal is 31 January 2003. The committee discussed the need for outreach to the public library sector. Due to the rapidly approaching deadline for proposals, the committee decided to not attempt to submit a program for PLA 2004. The committee will pursue one for next year and also investigate presenting at the Northwest Resource Sharing Group Meeting.

XIV. NCIP Maintenance

Beaubien advised the committee via e-mail prior to the meeting that Frances McNamara, chair of the NCIP Implementers Group ( had inquired if the committee would be interested in serving as the NCIP (NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol) Maintenance Agency. Details on the standard can be found at From, “The Maintenance Agency shall be responsible for monitoring implementation of the consensus document and carrying out a documented program for periodic publication of revisions. Processing of these revisions shall be in accordance with [the NISO Procedures for the Development, Approval, and Maintenance of NISO American National Standards]: that is, any changes to the consensus document must be reviewed, balloted, and approved by the NISO Voting Members.”

The committee agreed that this would be a worthwhile project for the committee in conjunction with the LAMA SASS Circulation/Access Services Committee ( Vyhnanek/Grush moved that Beaubien, on behalf of the committee, pursue this initiative with the LAMA SASS Circulation/Access Services Committee. The motion carried unanimously.

XV. ILL Committee Goals and Objectives

This was tabled pending Liston’s meeting with the Executive Committee. Diana Shonrock, Chair of the MOUSS Executive Committee, indicated that meetings reports should be submitted to by 03 February.

XVI. “Future of MOUSS Discussion” on Monday, 27 January 2003

Liston encouraged committee members to attend the Future of MOUSS discussion on Monday, 27 January 2003.

XVII. As all old and new business was covered, the meeting scheduled for Monday was cancelled. Liston will post a sign at the meeting room to inform any observers that might attend. The meeting adjourned at 11:10 am.