MOUSS Interlibrary Loan Committee

2001 Midwinter Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2001

Attendees: (note: email addresses could be wrong)

Lars Leon Univ. of Kansas LLEON@UKANS.EDU M
Gary Ives TX A&M Univ Med Sci Lib G
Tannar Wray Univ. of Wisconsin M
Emaly Conerly FSU M
Marilyn Grush Univ of Delaware M
Kay Vyhnanek Wash State Univ. M
Tom Delaney Colo State U. M
Dennis Massie RLG, inc. L
Anne Beaubien U of Michigan G
Denise Forro Michigan State Univ. G
Scherlene Schatz NJ State Lib G
Mark Finlay Relais International G
Margi Mann OCLC Western
Sue Ward Purdue Univ.
Kate Adams Univ of Nebr-Lincoln G
Nada Vaughn Washington Univ.-St. Louis G
John Brunswick U. of S. Carolina JRB@SC.EDU G
Rick Uttich City College/CUNY RMUCC@CUNYVM.CONY.Edu G
Karen Oye Case Western Reserve Univ. KAO3.(@?)
Richard Wilson Auto-Graphics
Ursula Scholz Loyola Univ. Chicago G
Bob Dowd NY State Library G
Denise Montgomey Valdosta St. Univ. G
Charlotte Houtchens American U. G
Carol Kochan Utah State Univ. G
Lynn Wiley Univ. Illinois M
Mary Wilke CRL
Angela J. Wright U. of Alabama AJWRIGHT@BAMA.UA.EDU M
Mary E. Jackson ARL L
Mike Osborne BLDSC L
Carol Smale NLC L
Mary Hollerich Northwestern U. G
Diane Fishman UMUC G
Francis Oscadal Dartmouth Coll. FRANCIS.OSCADAL.DARMOUTH.EDU G
Anne Moore Umass Amherst G
Wathan B. Gillham Eastern Illinois U G
Keiko Horton Univ. of Houston G
Nick Wharton Harvard U.-Widener G
Jill Ortner SUNY at Buffalo G
Brenda Dunbar College Center for Library Info G
Cherié Weible Univ. of Illinois G
Yem Fong U. of Colorado G
Merle Slyhoff U of Penn Law G
Bob Krall Univ of Penn G
Michael Ireland CISTI G
Summie Kim NLM summie_KIM@NLM.NIH.GOV G
Margaret Ellingson Emory Univ. L
Sheik Hu Pace Uni
Douglas Hasty FL. INTL. UNIV. M
Winnie Kutchukian U Albany G

I. Welcome and introductions

The meeting was called to order at 8:40 a.m. by Lars Leon, Chair. Lars asked all those present to introduce themselves and their institution.

II. How to handle future minutes.
Volunteers were solicited to take minutes and send a draft to Lars within one month so that the minutes can go out timely.

III. Approval of the agenda
One additional item was added - the Education subcommittee report was added.

IV. Committee Membership

Current Members:
Lars Leon University of Kansas, chair 1st year (2nd term)
Emaly C. Conerly Florida State University 1st year (1st term)
Tom Delaney Colorado State University 2nd year (1st term)
Marilyn Grush University of Delaware 1st year (1st term)
Douglas F. Hasty Florida Int'l, also chair ILL Disc. Grp. 2nd year (1st term)
Angela J. Wright University of Alabama 1st year (2nd term)
Karen Anne Liston University of Washington 1st year (1st term)
Kay E. Vyhnanek Washington State University 2nd year (1st term)
Lynn Wiley Univer. of Ill. - Vice-chair/chair elect 1st year (1st term)
Tanner Wray University of Wisconsin - Madison 1st year (1st term)
Naomi Sutherland University of Tennessee - virtual mem. 2nd year (1st term)

("Term" refers to consecutive; some have previous ILL committee experience)
*Kay's 1st term was only one year for some reason
**Anyone interested in being on next year's ILL and/or other MOUSS Committee should contact Gwen Arthur, MOUSS Vice-chair (, and/or Lars Leon (LLEON@UKANS.EDU).

V. Future meeting times for Committee and Discussion Group
Lars asked for input on meeting times for both the ILL Committee and ILL Discussion Group. The consensus was that the times should remain the same, if possible.

VI. Approval of minutes from 2000 ALA Annual ILL Committee meeting

Corrections requested:
#1 Asterisks be removed form date of election of vice-chair/chair-elect
#8 An "S" be added to the MOUS acronym
#11 The name of the first recipient of the Virginia Boucher OCLC Distinguished ILL Librarian Award, Joanne Halgren, University of Oregon, have her name included in the minutes.
#15 Mary Hollerich asked that the minutes reflect that the Education subcommittee was reformatted rather than that there was not report.
#17 The journal title Interlending and Document Supply be corrected to Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery and Information Supply.

Tanner Wray moved and Doug Hasty seconded that the minutes be accepted with the corrections.

The minutes were approved with corrections.

VII. Announcements

1. It was announced that Leslie Morris asked that everyone remember to send updated information for the latest edition of the ILL directory. The web address is And the Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery and Information Supply is always looking for articles.

2. The Colorado ILL Conference is May 10-11, 2001, in Estes Park, Colorado at the Stanley Hotel. The title of the conference is Mystery and Mayhem: Future Tends in Interlibrary Loan.

3. Karen Liston is unable to attend the committee meeting due to personal reasons.

VIII. Report from the MOUSS Executive Board and MOUSS Planning meeting (Lars Leon and Lynn Wiley attended).

1. In 2002 RUSA will be having a MOUSS section review. Part of this effort will include determining if MOUSS goals fall in line with RUSA goals. We will need to review how the ILL Committee goals fall in line under the MOUSS goals. A MOUSS level Organization and Planning Committee has been developed that will be chaired by the immediate past MOUSS chair and all committees will be reviewed to be sure that their goals support the overall RUSA goals.

2. David Null is working on a MOUSS handbook revision.

3. Lynn Wiley reported that the planning meeting would continue as a regular meeting and that past chairs would be expected to attend with current chairs to ensure continuity.

4. Reviewed goals set by RUSA for the website; better updating is needed.

5. There were several areas identified that dovetailed: increasing partnerships, diversity (of users and members), assisting members in joining, "virtual" members (2-year study is ending, what requirements should there be, chair's responsibility to virtual members).

6. Practical help for practitioners.

7. Information literacy.

8. Communication between outgoing and incoming officers.

9. Kathy Green announced that the editorship of MOUSS-tails is open. Volunteers were requested. The term is for 3 years and the responsibility is to gather information from chairs and send it in to RUSA. Mary Hollerich volunteered as a resource to anyone wanting more information as she had done this in the past.

IX. Virginia Boucher OCLC Distinguished ILL Librarian Award 2001 committee update
Mary Hollerich reported that the first awardee, Joanne Halgren, would be a member of the selection board. There were 10 nominations and January 15th was the deadline for submission of nominations. A decision would be made in approximately one month and forwarded to ALA.

X. Report from the ILL Discussion Group
Douglas Hasty reported that the Saturday morning meeting time would continue. The break out sessions at the meeting this year was successful and he plans to incorporate them into the agenda at the ALA annual conference. He asked for topics. Marilyn Grush will be the chair after the Annual Conference and nominations were requested for nominations. A brief statement on why you would be an effective chair is required.

XI. Liaison reports
The reports were emailed before conference and also given out at the Discussion Group meeting. No formal reports were presented at the ILL Committee meeting. Additional information was given on the IFLA conference. The IFLA standing committee meet on Saturday and the following Friday of the conference. There will be a ½ day workshop on protocol compliant systems and an open program on user initiated ILL. The IFLA conference will be in Boston on August 17-25th, 2001.

XII. ACRL Copyright Committee Liaison Report

1. Margaret Ellingson reported that the rule making in the DCMA is leaning toward the proprietary community. The ALA Washington office is working on legislation that can be supported views instead of only working against the current legislation. The working title is "Fair Use Rehabilitation Act". To see the proposal go to ALA_DC\SYS\SHARE\USERS\Mmn\briefings^meetings\Mid-Win Copyright Legislative Agenda chart.doc

2. Announcements
a. The 2002 program for ALA in Atlanta is "Fair Use in the Digital Age"
b. ACRL Copyright Committee is revising the web page for usability
c. There is a Q&A on the listserv with Kerry Russell of the Washington office
d. There will be a copyright tutorial for starting in April online from the Washington office
e. Volunteer needed to be responsible for getting on the listserv
f. The Washington office will sponsor a program in San Francisco entitled "I Want My MP3". It focuses on the music industry.


1. UCITA is being enacted state by state. It is not a federal law. It applies to click on and shrink wrapped contracts, making them enforceable. Many groups are opposed to the implementation of UCITA, including state attorneys general, insurance companies, banks, and consumer advocates.

2. The group was encouraged to contact their state representatives to find out what is happening with UCITA in their states and to discourage its passage.

3. Carol Ashworth of ALA is coordinating a grassroots effort out of the Washington office against UCITA.

4. Prue Adler is the UCITA contact at ARL.

5. Rich Uttich talked about contacts in New York.

6. Rhode Island, Hawaii and Utah have defeated the measure.

7. Doug Hasty moved that the ILL Committee take an active role against UCITA. Kay Vyhanek seconded the motion. It was unanimously carried.

8. Mary Jackson suggested that a list be drawn up that outlines what services librarians will and will not be able to provide if UCITA passes. What impact UCITA would have on the practice of ILL.

9. Lynn Wiley suggested that librarians provide anecdotes to go into letter to legislators.

10. Rich Uttich suggested that states be monitored and that the information be sent out via statewide lists.

XIV. Ideas on collaboration with other Sections and committees

1. Marilyn Grush met with ALCTS, Serials Section on Friday but no concrete plans were formulated. Bob Dowd, the chair, wanted to know how their committee could help the ILL community. Questions centered on whether electronic journals will be available for interlibrary loan.

2. The program at Annual in San Francisco is: Access for Anything: Anytime, Anyplace.
(Marilyn Grush moved that a working group be formed. Lynn Wiley seconded. Motion carried unanimously.)

XV. Virtual member participation

1. Ask members for interest and participation

2. Does RUSA have guidelines

3. Minimal expectations for virtual member and the rest of the committee

4. Video and/or teleconferences

5. Bring virtual member up to date on history of the committee, issues, and initiatives

6. Chat room format (Doug Hasty moved that there be 2 conference calls between the virtual member and the committee. Tanner Wray seconded. Discussion followed on the cost of conference calls. Kay Vyhanek suggested looking at alternatives before making a decision. Mary Jackson suggested that the chair and minute taker contact the virtual member after the meetings. Gary Ives asked for a review of the reason for a virtual member. Suggested that this might be a good way for underrepresented groups to participate. Lars to send announcement out on ILL list for participation. Original motion was tabled. Working group was proposed.)

XVI. National ILL Code Sub-committee

1. Tom Delany introduced the sub-committee members.

2. The document is ready to go forward to the MOUSS Executive committee for approval.

3. After MOUSS approval it goes to RUSA for approval.

4. If approved by MOUSS and RUSA it goes to the ALA Guidelines Committee.

5. Since the ILL Committee meets on Monday morning and the Guidelines Committee met on Thursday, the code had been reviewed by the Guidelines Committee and approved pending review by MOUSS and RUSA.

6. Questions were raised about the need for two documents, the Code and Guidelines. The Guidelines were written to be dynamic and contain information that may not be appropriate for inclusion in the code.

7. A vote was taken to approve the code as submitted. There were no opposing votes.

8. The Guidelines Committee did ask that "guidelines" be changed to another term since they would normally have approval over such documents.

XVII. Guidelines and Procedures for Telefacsimile and Electronic Delivery of ILL

1. Gary Ives reported that the committee currently had representation from 1 medical library, 2 law libraries, 6 academic libraries and CISTI. He would like representation also form the public library sector. Persons interested may contact Gary Ives or Lars Leon.

2. How does this committee's work affect the output of the ILL Code sub-committee?

3. Revision of the "packaging committee" in 1997

XVIII. ILL program at Annual in San Francisco

1. June 17 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. The title is Access for Anything Anywhere: Challenges in Global Resource Sharing. Deborah Jakubs, Sam Suttle, and Bob Crow of the German Research project GBV, Sarah Gould from IFLA and Linda West from RLG are among the participants. It is being co-sponsored by LITA and ALCTS.

2. ACRL and the ALA International Relations Committee have expressed interest in co- sponsoring the 2002 program in Atlanta.

XIX. Web version of ILL request form

1. Mary Jackson moved that a working group be formed on the electronic form for downloading and then faxing or mailing. The motion carried.

2. It was stated that there is an IFLA form and some thought the ILL from was available on the ALA web site.

XIX. Use of e-journals for ILL

1. Kay Vyhanek led the discussion on introducing ILL usage into the license contract.

2. It was suggested that Lib. License list be used to disseminate information.

3. It is becoming apparent through usage that the percent of ILL e-journal transactions is not as large as anticipated by publishers.

4. Lynn Wiley moved that there be liaisons created to work with the licensing group in ALA. There were not opposing votes. Motion carried.

XXI. Education sub-committee

1. Mary Hollerich introduced the members of the committee. She indicated that they had had some informal conversations prior to the meeting and would be meeting at the conclusion of the ILL Committee meeting.

XXII. Liaisons with other library groups

1. Lars will look into soliciting liaisons from other national library groups such as SLA (Special), MLA (Medical), MLA (Music), and AALL (Law).

XXIII. Lars asked that everyone consider signing up for a working group.

It was announced that the NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol Committee (NCIP) is looking for libraries to participate in testing vendors for compliance to the profile. They will be meeting at the Renaissance in room 4 from 2-4 p.m. Monday.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Angela Wright