MOUSS Interlibrary Loan Committee

2001 Annual Meeting Minutes

8:30am, Monday, June 18, 2001

Westin St. Francis, Georgian Room

Welcome and introductions

Lars Leon, Chair, welcomed all attendees and introductions were made. A complete attendance list is appended.

Agenda, additions and approval

The agenda was approved as distributed.

Review and approval of Midwinter minutes (Lars)

Corrections to the minutes of January 15, 2001: Section XIV (1), delete the sentence beginning "Questions centered around. . ." Section XXII (1), second MLA refers to the Music Library Association and the law libraries association is AALL (American Association of Law Libraries). Jackson moved approval of minutes as corrected; Wray seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Committee membership with term information for 2000/2001 (Lars)

Current members:

Lars Leon Univ. of Kansas, chair 1st year (2nd term)

Emaly C. Conerly Florida State Univ. 1st year (1st term)

Tom Delaney Colorado State Univ. 2nd year (1st term)

Marilyn Grush Univ. of Delaware. 1st year (1st term)

Douglas F. Hasty Florida Int'l., also Chair of ILL Disc. Group 2nd year (1st term)

Angela Jenkins-Wright Univ. of Alabama 1st year (2nd term)

Karen Anne Liston Univ. of Washington. 1st year, (1st term)

Kay E. Vyhnanek, Washington State Univ. 2nd year (1st term)

Lynn Wiley Univ. of Illinois. Vice-chair/Chair-elect 1st year (1st term)

Tanner Wray Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison 1st year (1st term)

Naomi Sutherland Univ. of Tenn., Chattanooga virtual mem. 2nd year

("term" refers to consecutive, some have previous ILL committee experience)

Introduce new committee members for 7/1/01 - 6/30/03

Lars said that he had 20 volunteers for the available positions on the ILL Committee. He announced the new members as Ann Beaubien, University of Michigan, Gary Ives, Texas A&M University Libraries, Paul Drake, Johnson County (KS) Public Library, virtual member, and Ann Coder, intern.

Lars thanked Douglas Hasty for creating and maintaining a closed email list for the Committee

Election of Vice-Chair (7/1/01-6/30/02)/Chair(7/1/02-6/30/03) (Acceptance of person as Chair for 2002/2003 dependent on confirmation by MOUSS Vice-Chair next year)

Karen Liston, University of Washington, was nominated and received unanimous approval to be recommended as the next Chair.

Future meeting times for Committee and Discussion Group (Lynn Wiley, Marilyn Grush, Lars Leon)

After discussion of various timeslot configurations the Committee decided that in principle the ILL Committee meeting needed to be held prior to the last MOUSS Executive Board meeting. The Committee members urged the Chair, incoming Chair, and the ILL Discussion Group Chair to push to keep our current timeslots of Saturday morning for the Discussion Group and Monday for the Committee meeting.

Report from MOUSS Exec Board, MOUSS Planning Meeting (Lars Leon)

Lars did not have a lot to report from this meeting. There was one program being considered for next annual meeting. RUSA is wondering about the loss of a specific focus on children's services. The MOUSS Executive Board didn't see a need to have a committee in this area. A discussion group could be formed with appropriate petition. There seems to be not a lot of representation in RUSA from public and school libraries. There was a question as to whether RUSA should liaison with YALSA or other ALA groups that focus more on these populations.

MOUSS Goals and Objectives and ILL Committee work (Lynn Wiley) These are posted at

Lynn said that the ILL Committee's work seems to be right in line with the MOUSS goals and objectives. Partnerships and diversity are visible in the Committee's work with different library types. The Committee is very focussed and has several working groups established to monitor developments in areas that effect Interlibrary Loan. Practical help is provided through such activities as the development of the National ILL Code and making the ILL form available on the Web. The role in information literacy is not quite as clear except that the provision of resources to other libraries supports research and learning. Lynn suggested the Committee might want to look at wider communication of activities and to be more proactive in working with other groups to present programs.

Virginia Boucher OCLC Distinguished ILL Librarian Award: Committee update (Mary Hollerich)

Mary announced the Lynn Wiley received the ILL Librarian Award this year. She said the Selection Committee had worked this year at developing procedures and protocols for handling nominations and selection of the Award winner. The Award Committee spent a good deal of time answering questions about these things and the criteria. All this information has been documented this year and a summary document has been posted on the Boucher Award Web site. Next year's Committee will be Naomi Krym, Joanne Halgren, Lynn Wiley and one other person. The ILL Committee thanked Mary Hollerich and Margaret Ellingson for their hard work on the Award Committee for the past two years.

Report from ILL Discussion Group chair (Douglas Hasty)

Douglas Hasty, current Chair of the ILL Discussion Group, announced the Marilyn Grush would be taking over as Chair at this meeting. Lu (Emaly) Connerly has been elected Co-Chair. Douglas said that he had tried to develop a format for the Discussion Group that would encourage more discussion rather then just hearing reports. The following points were made In a general conversation about the format of the Discussion Group: Perhaps the 4-hour format is too long (there were some in favor of maintaining the same timeframe while others said it should be shortened--no consensus on the idea); the Discussion session could be marketed more widely; choosing particular topics ahead of time would be helpful; perhaps the liaison reports could be limited to once per year at the annual meeting. Attendees were encouraged to send ideas to incoming Chair, Marilyn Grush.

Liaison reports: Liaisons may or may not give a report at the ILL Committee meeting.

Mary Jackson (ARL)

M ick Osborne (BLDSC)

Mary Wilke (Center for Research Libraries)

Chris Wright (Library of Congress)

Collette Mak (OCLC)

Carol Smale (National Library of Canada)

Michael Ireland (CISTI)

Martha Fishel (National Library of Medicine)

Dennis Massie (RLG)

Mary Jackson mentioned that printed copies of the NAILLD report were available. There were no other additional liaison reports.

AALL Liaison (Merle Slyhoff)

Lars announced that he had re-established a liaison role with the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) and the new representative will be Merle Slyhoff. Merle said that the AALL Executive Board is looking at the new National Code and related codes for endorsement and "commending to their membership". Merle will be added to the ILL Committee email list.

National ILL Code Sub-Committee work - (Tom)

Tom reported that the National ILL Code has been accepted as submitted with the exception that the additional information had been renamed Supplementary Documentation. It became official as of its posting to the ALA Web site. The Code will be printed in an upcoming issue of Reference and User Service Quarterly. Perhaps the biggest issue that came up in relation to the new Code is the definition of "due date". There is now a need to provide education about and promotion of the Code. Tom suggested a standing sub-committee to modify the Supplementary Documentation as needed. The sub-committee could take on the education and promotion role as well

**It was moved, seconded and passed to create a working sub-committee to promote the Code and maintain the Supplementary Documentation.

Guidelines & Procedures for Telefacsimile and Electronic Delivery of Interlibrary Loan Sub-Committee update - (Gary Ives)

Gary reported that the Sub-Committee had worked by means of conference calls and a closed email list to create a draft version of the Guidelines. He intends to have a draft to present at the 2002 Midwinter Meeting in New Orleans.

ILL Program at Annual report - (Lynn Wiley)

Lynn reported that the program "Access to Anything, Anytime, Anyplace" had been quite successful. She estimated total attendance at about 200 with about 150 there at any given time. She had briefly reviewed the evaluations and noticed that there was a cross section of attendees from technical services as well as public services. One common comment was that the program had been long.

ILL Education "standing committee" - (Mary Hollerich)

There is a current push to provide Web-based continuing education courses. Mary would like to reconstitute the ILL Education Standing Committee and develop a formal proposal for Web-based ILL continuing education. The proposal could be forwarded from the ILL Committee to the RUSA Professional Development Committee. It was noted that ALA has Web CT capabilities. The ILL Committee supported the idea of re-establishing the Sub-Committee and developing a proposal.

ACRL Copyright Committee Liaison Report (Margaret Ellingson)

There will be a program on Copyright in 2002 at Atlanta. The Washington Office of ALA is developing a "fair use tool kit" that they hope to have read for the Atlanta conference. Margaret urged everyone to thank their Senators for passing SB487 on distance education and to ask their State Legislators to vote against UCITA. The following Web site has a specific section on how ILL services would be effected by the passage of UCITA:

Note: Working group reports with recommendations were posted to ILL list before ALA.

Working group: UCITA (Rick Uttich)

The UCITA Working Group developed and distributed a notice/awareness tool through the ILL list. Rick proposed quarterly distribution of the notice. He also proposed that the Working Group continue to monitor activities and post information as needed. The ILL Committee approved these proposals.

Working group - Collaboration ideas with ALCTS, Serials Section, Union List of Serials Committee - (Marilyn Grush)

Marilyn reported that the Union List of Serials Committee (ULSC) was eager to work with non-ULSC members/supporters on union listing activities. Her recommendation is to continue the group and charge to prioritize the list of recommendations and specifications. The ILL Committee agreed to continue this group.

Working group: Virtual member participation (Naomi Sutherland)

Naomi was unable to attend the meeting. Some suggestions were made about virtual membership on the ILL Committee. The term should be the same as for other members. The virtual member should be included in Committee activity by distributing information and communicating meeting results quickly. ALA currently supports four virtual members. There is a need for technical support for "attendance" at meetings. The ILL Committee agreed that this Working Group should also continue and include the concept of "virtual business" in their charge.

Working group: Licensing liaison opportunities (Angela Jenkins-Wright)

This Working Group began working by email and using Web CT. It began to explore the opportunity to coordinate with other ALA sections/divisions to share information. This Working Group will also continue its activities.

Working group: Web Available ILL Request Form (Douglas Hasty)

Douglas reported that the Working Group had found that a copy of the current ALA ILL form is available on the Web. The Group is now interested in redesigning the form to better reflect current ILL practice. The Working Group will work on a prototype of a new to hopefully be ready for review by July or August of 2002. The ILL Committee agreed that this Working Group should also continue.


A new Program Committee for Annual 2003 was formed. Membership included Lynn Wiley, Ann Coder, Merle Slyhoff, Naomi Krym, Karen Liston, Lars Leon and Kay Vyhnanek.

What should the ILL Committee be doing between Annual and Midwinter? What else should we do to make ourselves available to the ILL Community? What more could we do for committee communication? (Lars Leon)

Lars suggested a task force be set up to review and discuss the role, if any, of the ILL Committee in the newly developed Web site, Web ILL.

It was suggested one activity for the ILL Education Standing Committee would be to explore establishing a mentor group.

Another area of interest for the Committee could be Information Literacy and how it relates to ILL.

A motion to adjourn was approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted

Kay Vyhnanek


Interlibrary Loan Committee Meeting -San Francisco 2001

Attendance Roster

Lars Leon Univ. of Kansas (M)

Gary Ives TX A&M Univ Med Sci Lib (G)

Tannar Wray Univ. of Wisconsin (M)

Emaly Conerly FSU (M)

Marilyn Grush Univ of Delaware (M)

Kay Vyhnanek Wash State Univ. (M)

Tom Delaney Colo State U. (M)

Dennis Massie RLG, inc. (L)

Denise Forro Michigan State Univ. (G)

Nada Vaughn Washington Univ.-St. Louis (G)

Rick Uttich City College/CUNY (G)

Richard Wilson Auto-Graphics (G)

Denise Montgomey Valdosta St. Univ. (G)

Lynn Wiley Univ. Illinois (M)

Mary Wilke CRL (L)

Angela J. Wright U. of Alabama (M)

Mary E. Jackson ARL (L)

Mike Osborne BLDSC (L)

Carol Smale NLC (L)

Collette Mak OCLC (L)

Mary Hollerich Northwestern U. Law Library (G)

Keiko Horton Univ. of Houston (G)

Nick Wharton Harvard U.-Widener (G)

Brenda Dunbar College Center for Library Info (G)

Cherié Weible Univ. of Illinois (M)

Merle Slyhoff U of Penn Law (L)

Michael Ireland CISTI (L)

Summie Kim NLM (G)

Margaret Ellingson Emory Univ. (L)

Douglas Hasty FL. INTL. UNIV. (M)

Lois White Getty Research Lib (G)

Jane Clark Univ of Toronto (G)

Charlotte Rubens UC Berkeley (G)

Sam Sayre OCLC (G)

Melissa Trevvett CRL (G)

Naomi Krym CISTI (G)

John deLaFontai Occidental College (G)

Rebecca Gomez Duke Univ. (G)

Kathie Ryan-Zeugner Notre Dame Univ. Rany- (G)

Joanne Halgren Univ of Oregon (G)

Aimee Lind Getty Research Lib (G)

Miralle Kotoklo DePaul Univ (G)

Nick Wharton Harvard College Lib (G)

Ann Coder Brookhaven College (G)