MOUSS Interlibrary Loan Committee

2000 Midwinter Meeting Minutes
Approved with revisions, ALA Midwinter Jan. 2001
Sunday, July 9, 2000, 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Sheraton Chicago - Parlor C


Lars Leon University of Kansas

Douglas Hasty Florida Intl Univ. – Miami

Keiko Horton Univ. of Houston

Rebecca Gomez Duke Univ.

Kay Vyhnanek Wash State Univ.

Karen Liston Univ. of Washington

Angela Wright Univ. of Alabama

Emaly Conerly Florida State Univ.

Naomi Sutherland Purdue Univ. N. Central

Lynn Wily Univ. of Illinois

Tanner Wray Univ. of Wis-Madison

Michael Ireland CISTI

Scherelene Schatz NJ State Library

Terri Fox Westchester Lib System NY

Judy GarrisonWestern Mich Univ.

Nada VaughnWashington Univ – St. Louis

Sunnie Kim NLM

Andrea Vanek UC Berkeley

Joanne Halgren Univ. or Oregon

Marilyn Grush Univ. of Delaware

Alexandra Lutz New York Public

John Brunswick Univ. of S. Carolina

Gary Ives Tex A&M Univ-Med Sch Lib

Cathy Kellum OCLC

Gary Johnson UCSB

Susan Lieberthal Harvard Medical School

Mary Williamson WILS

Marilyn Wood Harvard Univ.

Mary Hollerich Northwestern U

Denise Forro Michigan State Univ.

Jean McManus Univ. of Notre Dame

Suzanne Sweeney Tex Wom Univ.

Catherine Hamer CSU Monterey Bay

Cassandra Allen National Library of Med

Collette Mak OCLC

M Nick Osborne BLDSC

Welcome and introductions
Naomi was unable to attend ALA Annual; Lars Leon (chair/elect) chaired in her absence. Lars asked the group (committee, liaisons and guests) to introduce themselves.

Approval of agenda
There will be two additional agenda items—Delivery Task Force and, Role of the Virtual Member

Role of the Virtual Member
Our virtual member has been able to be physically present! She expects to return to her virtual status with the next meeting. Lars is not sure how this should be handled and will check with ALA. Perhaps ALA and the virtual member’s institution share the cost of the phone line.


Committee membership
new, virtual and retiring

Election of vice-chair/chair-elect for 7/1/00-6/31/01
Lars checked to see if ALA had any requirements for committee elections; there are none. Each chair is free to decide how to handle elections. Lynn Wiley, U of Illinois at Urbana was nominated, seconded and elected by consensus. Congratulations, Lynn! The ultimate decision on who is the chair of MOUSS Committees, including the ILL Committee, is made by the MOUSS Vice-Chair who will need to accept our election.

Representation from other organizations
It is important that the work of the ILL Committee not be done in isolation. The Committee would like to have representatives from other organizations such as AALL, SLA, MLA, PLA and, ASCLA. Naomi was going to contact these organizations and ask if they would like to have formal representation to the ALA ILL Committee. Lars will check with Naomi to see if this was done. Gary is willing to work with MLA for representation.

Brief review of purpose of ILL Committee and expectations
The purpose of the committee according to ALA is “To consider current aspects of interlibrary loan service and to recommend solutions to interlibrary loan problems. “ Expectations of the Chair and Vice Chair are:

  • Provide a clear agenda
  • Keep the committee informed
  • Issue timely minutes
  • Keep the record open (ILL-L and other avenues)
  • Keep minutes available to help reconstruct business, particularly to document decisions and reasons for those decisions
  • Advance tentative decisions to RUSA

Explanation of meeting time change and discussion on what we would like to recommend for future meetings
MOUSS would like to have all the meetings at the same time. This does not fit the long-standing practice of the ILL Discussion Group and ILL Committee. The Discussion Group has historically referred action items to the Committee. Once RUSA was made aware of this, RUSA immediately understood the importance of this relationship and approves our continuing the practice of Discussion Group first followed by the committee. Lars asked if the Committee would like to return to the Monday morning time slot. Yes! First, many of the reports the committee needs, e.g. Copyright, are the result of Sunday meetings. Second, the Monday morning slot allows think time for the Committee members and allows the committee to benefit from the various programs on Sunday as part of that thinking process. As long as our Committee meets before MOUSS Executive Committee so that action items can be referred.

Review of action items (minutes January 17, 2000)
A. Correction to the January minutes—the Distinguished ILL award is given at the Discussion Group. Minutes will be corrected and reposted.

B. All guidelines should be reviewed at least every seven years. Telefax Guidelines are due for review now. Gary reported that the review subcommittee is in the formation stage. He is concerned that all the representatives are from academic libraries. He has been able to get a representative from NLM but feels the group should represent all types of libraries. At the same time he would like to keep this a manageable group in terms of size. Does Tom Delany have any suggestions? Tom reported that nine is a workable number. Gary would like to have a representative from the ILL Code. The group asked what the time commitment would be. Gary would like to have the group finalized by September, 2000 with the first working meeting at Midwinter. While the work of this subcommittee isn’t likely to be as intense as the ILL Code Gary doesn’t feel he can predict beyond the initial meeting at Midwinter.

ILL Program for San Francisco 2001
Lynn Wiley Lynn did an excellent job of promoting the program idea to RUSA. The title of the program is ‘Access for Anything—Anytime-Anyplace: Challenges in Global Resource Sharing’. The purpose of the program is to question assumptions about trans-border resource sharing. The subcommittee has contacted speakers including Deborah Jakubs (ARL Global Resources Program) and Sara Gould (IFLA). Both OCLC and RLG will be asked to provide speakers.

ALA Virginia Boucher OCLC Distinguished ILL librarian Award: Committee Update
It was reported that Joanne Halgren, University of Oregon, was awarded the first ALA Virginia Boucher OCLC Distinguished ILL librarian Award.

National ILL Code Subcommittee Report
Tom Delaney Based on comments from the ILL Discussion Group the draft will need to be revised before being formally submitted. The draft will be submitted to both ALA (for the web site) and to ILL-L. Tom’s group could use some assistance in getting the draft out to ILL staff who are not on ILL-L, Tom will post the draft with a request for users to send the draft to other listserv and venues in order to get as much feedback as possible.

Subcommittee on Delivery Issues
Lars Leon Lars reported that nothing further has been done in this area. He will see if there is renewed interest by asking the ILL community, via the ILL-L listserv, what the ILL Committee should be working on.

Copyright Report (ACRL Copyright Committee)--?
Report would have been provide by Margaret Ellington; because the Copyright Committee is meeting at the same time as the ILL Committee Margaret will post the minutes to ILL-L.

ILL Training/Continuing Education Workshop
Mary Hollerich No report.

Collaboration ideas with ALCTS, Serials Section, Union List of Serials Committee
The ILL Committee will be sending a formal liaison to the Serials Section (Marilyn). The Serials Section and the ILL Committee have done joint programs in the past and would like to do a joint program with the ILL Committee again. A possible topic might be the future of union listing.

Other Issues

  • The Education Subcommittee was being reformatted so there was no report.
  • Next issue of “Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery and Information Supply”focuses on Ariel
  • MOUSS Exec Board meeting will be from 9:30-12:00 18.

Meeting adjourned.