Education and Training Committee


  • To develop continuing education resources and programs in a variety of formats and venues based on the needs of the resource sharing community.
  • To establish links with other entities involved in developing similar kinds of educational resources and programs.

Current Projects

  • Gather and present resources and tools for the community
  • Development of free webinars for resource sharing practitioners

Chair (2023 - 2024)

Name: Meg Massey

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ALA Annual 2024 Resource Sharing Sessions

Join us at ALA's annual conference for these resource sharing sessions:

Telling our Story: Career Paths in Resource Sharing

Monday, July 1, 2024, 10:30am - 11:30 am Pacific

Description: Have you ever thought about working in resource sharing, but weren’t sure how to get started? Have you ended up in resource sharing by accident and are not sure how to advance? You will leave this session with ideas on how to do both from experienced heads of resource sharing! Resource sharing librarians often describe their career paths as serendipitous. They happen to get an internship or entry level position in resource sharing and fall in love with the work. Important concepts for resource sharing like management and copyright can be found in some library school courses, but there is no formal educational pathway that leads to this specialization. The alternative to education is on the job training, which can vary widely in efficacy depending on staff knowledge and existing documentation. This is challenging because each library does resource sharing differently depending upon consortial partnerships, software, and workflows to meet the unique needs of patrons. Building off a research project where heads of resource sharing from Big Ten Academic Alliance libraries were interviewed and results analyzed through inductive thematic analysis, panelists will answer questions about their career paths. They will identify the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to be successful in the field and discuss recent trends as they offer advice for the next generation of resource sharing librarians.

Beyond Borders, Beyond Basics: The value of International Resource Sharing

Monday, July 1, 2024, 2:30pm - 3:30 pm Pacific

Resource Sharing (alternately known as Interlibrary Loan) is a core library service because no library owns all resources to meet their patrons’ needs. This is particularly the case when patrons need resources in foreign languages for teaching, research, publication, or leisure reading. Some foreign publications may not be available outside that country or region. Libraries around the world have relied on collaborative international resource sharing partnerships to support their diverse user populations and fulfill their patrons’ needs.

International resource sharing can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! This session will navigate you through the International ILL Toolkit, a free online resource created by the OCLC SHARES resource sharing consortium, and maintained by American Library Association (ALA) Reference & User Service Association (RUSA) International Interlibrary Loan Committee members. You will also learn tips and tricks on using the International ILL Toolkit to better facilitate your institution’s international resource sharing borrowing and lending activities; building your institution’s international resource sharing network; and helping you get the most out of the Toolkit’s many resources.

As discovery options increase and local collection budgets continue to shrink, the value of global resource sharing rises.

After this session participants will be better at:

  • Finding catalog records for titles in foreign languages (even non-roman alphabets)
  • Locating holding libraries, around the world (even outside of OCLC FirstSearch)
  • Requesting from foreign libraries, using pre-translated request forms in a dozen different languages
  • Discovering tips and tricks to make international resource sharing easier

Learn from Colleagues in the Field

Hear what resource sharing professionals have to say about ILL:

Brian Miller, Head of Interlibrary Services, The Ohio State University Libraries

Miriam Wnuk, Assistant Manager of Resource Sharing Services, Vanderbilt University

Meg Massey, Manager of Interlibrary Loan, Penn State University Libraries

Meg Atwater-Singer, Access Services Librarian, University of Evansville

Interested in participating? If you’d like to be featured in a video explaining why you like your position in ILL or some aspect of your work, or if you know of an ILL expert who might want to participate, contact the Outreach and Promotion Committee.


Do you know a colleague in resource sharing who’s deserving of some recognition? Check out the awards available from RUSA STARS.



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