STARS-Atlas Systems Mentoring Award Committee




Solicits and evaluates nominations for the STARS-Atlas Systems Mentoring Award.

Chair (2023-2024):

Name: Krista Higham


Link to Current Roster

Current Initiatives:

Publicizing, evaluating, and selecting the recipient of this award. Identifying a mentor to partner with the recipient during the ALA Conference. Encouraging RUSA STARS involvement during and after the ALA Conference.


Committee communicates via email to create publicity statements and determine schedule of when and where the award is advertised. After the deadline of the award, committee members communicate via email or conference call to determine the recipient of the award. The chair brings the information to the RUSA STARS Executive Board during the Midwinter ALA Conference but there is not a committee meeting during either of the ALA conferences. A mentor is chosen for the recipient, often a committee member, requiring communication via email and phone with the recipient. Since the mentor is expected to help the recipient navigate the ALA Annual Conference, attendance is required for the mentor.

About the STARS-Atlas Systems Mentoring Award

This award is intended for persons who have been in the profession for less than two years, or an individual who is newly employed in interlibrary loan, resource sharing or electronic reserves position and has little or no experience in that area. M.L.S. or ALA membership is not required for this award. Preference will be given to those with greatest demonstrated need for the purposes of professional development, networking, education, and service to their local community. The STARS Education and Training Committee will assign a mentor to the recipient for the conference to help them navigate through the conference experience. The recipient is expected to participate in STARS events throughout the conference.

Nominations should be submitted to the award committee chair and should contain the following materials:

Proof of entry into this field for the first time, in the form of written confirmation from the human resources office or the library director.

A current, verifiable resume, including their current position, department and library with a brief description of job responsibilities.

A statement of petition, in essay format (no more than three pages) addressing the following questions:

Why are you interested in attending ALA Annual?

What benefits would you like to see in mentoring at ALA Annual?

How might your attendance benefit service at your local institution?

What, in particular, interests you about interlibrary loan, resource sharing or electronic reserves?

Questions should be directed to the committee chair. The deadline for nominations is December 15.


2019 Kim Ammons, Mount Holyoke College Library, and Michelle Taylor, Virginia Commonwealth University

2018 Guerda Baucicaut, City University of New York, and Pearl G. Adzei-Stonnes, Virginia Union University

2017 Elizabeth Hussey, Roberts Wesleyan College (NY) and Eleana Cordova, Wayne Public Library (NJ)

2016 Kimberly Steiner, Messiah College (Pa.)

2015 Karen Thomas, Delaware Valley College

2014 Jacob Kubrin, Holy Names University

2013 Daniel Chesney, Southern Nazarene University (Okla.).

2012 Natalie D. Beam

2011 Micquel Little

2010 Naomi I. Chow, ILL/ESP Librarian, University of Hawaii at Manoa

2009 Beverly Rossini

2007 Danielle Cournoyer

2006 Diane Leja