Our Section


The objectives of STARS are to:

  1. Provide education and training opportunities which develop the professional skills and knowledge of librarians and library staff engaged in resource sharing;
  2. Facilitate communication and foster collaboration among such librarians and library staff;
  3. Encourage, plan and develop programs of study and research in the field;
  4. Monitor developments in the field, identify common problems and recommend solutions which enhance services for all users;
  5. Improve resource sharing methods, services, and products;
  6. Monitor licensing and copyright concerns as they affect all aspects of resource sharing;
  7. Maintain liaisons with and synthesize the activities of all units within ALA that have a bearing on resource sharing concerns;
  8. Maintain liaisons with, provide a discussion forum for, and foster collaboration between librarians, library staff and vendors which support resource sharing activities.
  9. Develop programs and guidelines for service to meet the needs of users;
  10. Serve as an advisory body to the RUSA Board on issues affecting resource sharing.