2005 Annual PreConference

COMMITTEE = Preconference Program 2005


CHAIRPERSON = Lisa R. Horowitz (co-chair for RSS)

DATES = 6/24/05

EMAIL = lisah@mit.edu

MEMBERS_PRESENT = Members present:

MEMBERS_ABSENT = Members absent:

VISITORS = Visitors:

OBJECTIVES = Preconference: Reinvented Reference: Integrating Traditional and Digital Reference

SUMMARY = The preconference was attended by over 120 people. In the morning, following a rousing keynote by Joe Janes, three case studies presented their unique perspectives on integrating digital reference. For example, one institution used a combination of local and consortial digital reference to meet their users' needs, while another found success with Instant Messaging. Following the case studies, small group discussions applied various RUSA guidelines to the case studies and their own institutions.

In the afternoon, three invited speakers -- Marie Radford, Jerilyn Veldof, and Eva Miller -- spoke about reference from the user perspectives. Their interesting takes on the subject were discussed in more depth at small group discussions.

In a final discussion, participants were given a set of questions to help them create a plan for working toward integrating reference in their own institutions. The workshop was very successful, with comments shared such as, "This was the best preconference I've ever attended."

EVALUATION = Excellent preconference.