RUSA RSS User Education and Information Literacy UEIL Annual 2007 Minutes Notes

2007 Annual Meeting Notes

23 June 2007

Washington, DC

Present: Nancy DuPree, Erica Carlson, Allison Carr, Susan Gardner, Nancy Huling (chair), Helen Subbio, Paul Victor, Kaiping Zhang.

Absent: Paula Smith

Visitor: Susan Ware (RSS Secretary), Michael Ingram (intern for 2007-2008)

The User Education and Information Literacy Committee continued discussing topics initiated during the Midwinter meeting and reviewed a proposal from Paul Victor to adapt guidelines for instructional outreach that he wrote for his library. It was felt that guidelines would need to have a reference context, and perhaps separate sections for public, academic, and school libraries.

There was discussion about the lack of knowledge of the research process among high school and community college students, and how this can be improved. Could we produce outreach guidelines for working with various groups, such as the community, to provide them with a good library experience? After considerable discussion, the group decided that Paul's guidelines were more applicable to the academic environment and should be discussed at the ACRL Instruction Section committee on which Paul serves.

Dependent on how it is received there, Paul may bring the document back to UEIL for further consideration.

The committee continued its discussion from midwinter, exploring parallels between the reference interview (or question negotiation process) and how other professions gather information. How is the process similar and how might it differ? Committee members will continue to gather information and post it to the blog. Professions that will be examined are business and nursing. Others discussed were pharmacy, and whether or not there might be similarities in information gathering with online dating services. We briefly touched on barriers to the teachable moment in the reference interaction.

Followup assignments:

Erica and Helen: will do general research on how other professions go about asking questions to obtain information.

Susan: will look at business

Paul: already did some work and will dig up the articles he found.

Paul: will look at nursing and look at tools for communication

Nancy: will compile information on barriers to the teachable moment

Erica: will post her library anxiety bibliography

Nancy reported on committee's work at the RSS Board Meeting, and one of the members suggested that the hospitality industry would also be worth exploring. Anyone want to specifically tackle that? Perhaps it would be appropriate for Corey, our virtual member - and Washington State University conveniently has a program in this field!