MOUSS Services to Adults Committee

Midwinter 2001 Meeting Minutes

Mon., 1/15/01 (also All Section, Sat., 1/13/01)

CHAIRPERSON: Elenore Kilpatrick (co-chair), Rosanne E. Trujillo (co-chair)

Members present: Sarah C. Caltvedt, Jean Cornn, Elenore Kilpatrick (co-chair), Rosemary A. Mesh, Marilyn J. Scott, Maria V. Sunio, Rosanne E. Trujillo (co-chair)

Members absent: Eugenia Bryant, Allen D. Merry

Visitors: Susan Kaminow


Publish a recap of SAC's ALA 2000 program, "A Place for Place: The Non-Virtual Library in a Virtual Age."

Plan and prepare for ALA 2002 program, "Making Our Place Their Place: Merchandising, Advertising and Programming," featuring perspectives from outside the library field.

Summary: E. Kilpatrick will telephone SAC's ALA 2000 program speakers to request publication of their program materials. If speaker responses are negative, then R. Trujillo will draft a report for committee review and future posting on the MOUSS web site. In the future, the committee will request publication rights from speakers/presenters along with their program participation. SAC members reviewed the ALA 2000 program evaluations and brainstormed for ALA 2002 program ideas. The committee agreed to plan a program for ALA 2002 featuring outside opinions, "Making Our Place Their Place: Merchandising, Advertising and Programming," with a librarian to provide tie-ins and overview. The co-chairs will follow up with MOUSS and RUSA to check on program duplication and seek possible program co-sponsors. Committee members are encouraged to suggest other potential speakers. The committee will next meet at the RUSA All Section meeting on Saturday and as a working group on Monday morning during ALA 2001 (exact dates, times,and locations to be determined later).

Evaluation: Topical discussions in meetings continue to be lively, thought-provoking and instructive. The committee successfully met its meeting objective in deciding on a program for ALA 2002.

Problems: Poor response from SAC's speakers has slowed the committee's efforts to publish its ALA 2000 program materials. Also, the traditional ALA publication process seems slow and unwieldy. There is also a question whether a posting on an ALA web site is retrievable by Internet search engines.

Recommendations: The co-chairs will need RUSA-MOUSS leadership to review SAC'S proposed 2002 program proposal. SAC will first insure no program duplication exists by contacting Gwen Arthur/Kathleen Green. SAC may consider seeking possible program co-sponsors for ALA 2002 with another MOUSS Committee, if our program is found to be duplicating another committee's efforts.

Submitted by: Maria V. Sunio