20th Annual Reference Research Forum

2014 ALA Annual Conference - Las Vegas, NV

Building Relationships for the Effective Development and Delivery of Research Data Services
Presenters: Ixchel Faniel, OCLC, Lynn Connaway, OCLC, and Kendra Parson, OCLC

This presentation is based on an analysis of interview data collected from 36 librarians. A major objective of the study is to explore librarians' early experiences in developing and delivering research data services in order to consider how their experiences and the services can be improved. By opening an early dialogue about the opportunities and challenges associated with library - provided research data services, we aim to consider practical, effective approaches to the development and delivery of such services within the academic community. Our second set of speakers from SUNY College of Old Westbury will be focused on student tech usage and trends.

College Student Tech Usage: A Recent Survey of Trends
Presenters: Curt Friehs and Jason Kaloudis

Presented findings of a survey of undergraduates to gain a better understanding of motivating factors behind tech adaptions. The perspective of the Millennial college student provides insights into the desires and needs of the younger generation.

Libraries and the Affordable Care Act
Presenters: Jenny Bossaller, University of Missouri and Guinevere Lawson, University of Missouri

This group shared the results of discussions with librarians across the United States regarding their involvement with the Affordable Care Act. This exploratory study provided context for libraries' actions or inactions that are a result of the law's uneven implementation, differing community needs, and the attitudes of the community and librarians.