Reference Services Section RSS Research & Statistics Committee 2006 Midwinter Minutes

ALA Midwinter 2006

RUSA/RSS Research and Statistics Committee

Meeting of Saturday January 21, 2006 8:00 – 11:00 am

San Antonio, Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center, room 001

Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome & Introductions.

  • Committee members were introduced.
  • The following members were present: Sarah J. Hammill, Janelle M. Hedstrom, Holly L. McCullough, Anne Cooper Moore, Carolyn Radcliff, Ellen Derey Safley, John S. Spencer, Rebecca R. Pressman (at 2nd meeting)
  • Sarah read the purpose of the committee and explained to new members how we reached our goals.

2. Agenda was approved.

3. Minutes from ALA Annual 2005 were approved.

4. Review of Submissions for Reference Research Forum proposals and selection of presenters. After a lengthy discussion, 4 proposals were chosen (1 as an alternate). Sarah will notify individuals and let the committee know.

5. Web Site Compilation – finished except for the Doing Qualitative Research section. Janelle and Anne agreed to complete. Sarah will ask the webmaster to post the sections that are completed.

6. Reference Research Review. Journals were distributed as follows:

  • Holly - Library Journal & Public Libraries
  • Carolyn - RUSQ
  • Anne - Library Quarterly & Portal
  • Ellen - Journal of Academic Librarianship & College and Research Libraries
  • Janelle - Performance Measurement & Metrics, Reference Librarian, & Educational & Behavioral Sciences Library
  • John - RSR & College and Undergraduate Libraries
  • Rebecca Library and Information Science Research & Library Trends
  • Sarah - Research Strategies, First Monday, Internet Reference Services Quarterly
  • John volunteered to compile the list. Sarah will send him the template that was used in the past. The deadline for abstracts is May 1, 2006. E-mail abstracts to Sarah will send out an e-mail reminder.

7. Preparation for Forum at Annual. Sarah will do the call for papers flyer, John will prepare the Reference Research Review handout, and Sarah will update the evaluation form to include type of library.

8. No New Business

9. Adjournment – no need for a second meeting. Sarah will go to second meeting in case anyone shows up.