2008 Midwinter Minutes

COMMITTEE: Research and Statistics



DATES: January 12 and 13, 2008



Saturday, Jan. 12 Char Booth, Luke Vilelle, Liane Luckman, Anne Moore, Linda Shippert, Betsy Hageman, David Ward, Ellen Safely, Rebecca Pressman;

Sunday, Jan 13 Char Booth, Luke Vilelle, Liane Luckman, Anne Moore, Betsy Hageman

MEMBERS ABSENT: Janelle Hedstrom, Holly McCullough, Heather Tunender, Hosea Tokwe


OBJECTIVES: Propose an ongoing grant from RUSA to support reference research. Will be presented first at the 15th Annual New Reference Research Forum at Annual 2009. Review and select 3 proposals for the 14th Annual New Reference Research Forum to be held at Annual 2008. Prepare the 2008 Reference Research Review to be distributed at Annual 2008 and posted to the committee area of the RUSA Wiki.

SUMMARY: 1. Welcome and Introductions. 2. Review of Agenda. 3. Annual 2007 Minutes approved with no revisions. 4. Reference Research Forum: 3 projects were selected for presentation from the 10 proposals received by the deadline. Tasks were assigned to prepare for the RRF event at annual. 5. Reference Research Review: Members were assigned to review peer-reviewed journals that publish research articles in reference and user services and to prepare annotations for important articles. Decided to create, store, and

serve the RRR from a committee space on the RUSA Wiki. Char Booth will prepare the area. A printed handout will still be available at the RRF (Ellen Safley to edit), but will no longer be limited to one page. Committee members will *star* articles they believe all reference librarians must read. 6. Website: Janelle Hedstrom is working on updating the Website. 7. 15th Anniversary Grant Proposal, Activities, and Plans: Prepared for the approval of this ongoing or one-time grant by the RUSA Board at this conference by reviewing the procedures listed in our proposal and deciding on marketing methods. A set of questions were drafted for the RUSA board regarding their role in promoting the grant. 8. Meetings adjourned.

EVALUATION: The committee worked diligently to accomplish all goals between the Saturday and Sunday meetings and communications were sent to the full committee immediately after the conference. The Committee is on track for a productive year.