MOUSS Executive Committee

Saturday, June 15, 2002, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


Present: Gwen Arthur (Chair), Dan Barkley, Gary Cornwell, Susan Curtis, Anna Donnelly, Tami Echavarria, John Hepner, Mary Hollerich, Lisa Horowitz, Brett Lear, Lars Leon, Cindy Levine, Maira Liriano, Karen Liston, Lori Morse, Eric Novotny, David Null, Loriene Roy, Ellen Safley, Diana Shonrock, Emilie Smart, Jeanie Welch, Bruce Whitham, Lynn Wiley

I. Introductions

Members introduced themselves.

II. Approval of Minutes for Saturday, Jan. 19, 2002

Minutes were approved with the following clarification on page 2:

Gary Cornwell serves on the RUSA President’s Program Planning Committee.

III. Announcements.

We will vote on the MOUSS Bylaws during a very short business meeting to be held at the start of the ILL program on Sunday. No quorum is needed but MOUSS members are urged to attend.

IV. Program proposals.

Cindy Levine reported on the Catalog Use Committee’s program proposal: “One-Stop Metasearch Tools”, which grew out of their vendor forum held at the last Midwinter conference. The forum provided details about the vendors’ perspectives, but the program is intended to emphasize users’ experiences instead. The estimated attendance is approximately 200. The Committee initially estimated $40 for handouts but believes $100 is more realistic. Donnelly moved to approve the proposal; Null seconded and the proposal was approved.

The Cooperative Reference Committee submitted a proposal for a program entitled “Marketing Virtual Reference: Consortium Models”. They hope to highlight public efforts in this area; consequently, ASCLA, PLA, and distance learning groups were suggested as possible co-sponsors. Horowitz moved to accept the proposal; Wiley seconded. The proposal was approved.

Lars Leon presented a proposal on behalf of the ILL Committee for a program entitled “Access Meets Ownership: New Strategies for Collection Development and Resource Sharing Collaboration” which would highlight the relationship between collection development and ILL. The panel would comprise keynote speaker Richard Fyffe, Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communications at the University of Kansas, and 2-3 additional speakers to address licensing issues and other related topics. Curtis moved to accept the proposal; Smart seconded it, and the proposal was approved.

The 9th Annual Reference Research Forum is the topic for the Research and Statistics Committee’s program proposal. There was some question as to whether or not this would be viewed as a program by RUSA Conference Program Coordinating Committee because it is an annual event. Whitman moved to accept and Shonrock seconded the proposal. It was approved.

Library Services to an Aging Population submitted a last-minute program proposal for 2003, the title of which is “The Boomers are Coming, The Boomers are Coming: Are We Going to be Ready?” This is expected to have broad appeal because libraries of all types and in all geographic areas are going to be affected by the graying of the baby boomer population in the next 15-20 years. The estimated attendance is about 150-200. The Committee is planning for 3 speakers but has only identified one prospective speaker to date; they will review Bessie Boehm Award nominees to find other possible speakers and will contact CLA to see if they can suggest Canadian speakers and possible cosponsors. ASCLA was suggested as a possible cosponsor. The estimated cost for handouts is $100. Echavarria moved to accept the proposal. Shonrock seconded the motion and the proposal was accepted.

Arthur noted that we approved all 5 proposals and that while each one emphasizes different topics and appeals to distinct target audiences, it has been customary for RUSA to approve no more than 2 programs per section each year; consequently, it seems unlikely that all of our requests will meet with RUSA’s approval and funding. We agreed to rank them in the following order of priority, with #1 being the highest priority and #5 being the lowest:

1) 9th Annual Reference Research Forum (Research and Statistics Cmte.)

2) One-stop Metasearch Tools (Catalog Use Cmte.)

3) Marketing Virtual Reference (Cooperative Reference Cmte.)

4) The Boomers are Coming, the Boomers are Coming (Library Svcs. to an Aging Population Cmte.)

5) Access Meets Ownership (Interlibrary Loan Cmte.)

Wiley moved to accept the prioritized list of programs; Echavarria seconded the motion, and it was approved.

Other agenda items were deferred to Tuesday’s meeting due to time constraints.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:30 p.m.