Executive Committee


To provide leadership, coordination and direction for the Section and to act for and by the authority of the Section during the period between meetings of the Section.

Specific Duties:

  1. To meet twice at both Midwinter and Annual American Library Association Meetings to conduct RSS business. The voting members meet for an additional planning session at each conference.
  2. To review the section organization and activities including Section Reviews.
  3. To oversee the work of the committees, discussion groups and task forces and to charge them with tasks as appropriate.
  4. To approve goals and objectives, structural changes, and any other organizational or planning matters referred to the committee.
  5. To review and approve proposals and documents produced by RSS and its committees which will be forwarded to RUSA or other groups within ALA, or which will be released indicating an RSS endorsement or an official tie to RSS.
  6. To report on its work at the regular meetings of the Section and via the Section's column in the RUSA newsletter and the section's electronic mailing list, RSS-L.
  7. To recommend action to the RUSA Board.

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