RSS Executive Exec Anaheim July 1

RSS Executive Committee Meeting III - Minutes

ALA Annual 2008 - Tuesday, July 1, 2008, 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Hilton, Avilia - Anaheim, CA


Executive Committee: Lisa Horowitz [Chair], Judy Solberg [Vice-Chair], Susan Beck [Past Chair], John Hepner [Member-at-Large], Sarah Hammill [RSS Review Editor], Barb Mann [Member-at-Large], Brett Lear [Member-at-Large], Virginia Cole [Web Advisory], Susan Ware [Secretary]

Guest: Dave Tyckoson [RUSA President]

Committees and Discussion Groups: Ann Brown [Marketing and Public Relations for Reference], Anne C. Moore [Research and Statistics], Crystal Lentz [Virtual Reference; Performance Issues DG], Laura Gonzales [Library Services to the Spanish Speaking], Mark Sanders [Library Services for the Spanish Speaking], David Vidor [Evaluation of Reference and User Services], Wayne Bivens-Tatum [Nominating; Liaison, RUSA Standards & Guidelines], Liane Luckman [Liaison, RUSA Membership], Catherine Brown [Catalog Use], Amber Meryman [Catalog Use], Jeff Kempe [Services to Adults], Jessica Moyer [Liaison to RUSA Conference Planning], Betsy Park [Management of Reference], amy Harmon [Reference Services in Public Libraries DG], Margaret Yuan (for Jeanie Welch) [Small and Medium Size Research Libraries DG], Qiana Johnson [RSS/CODES Dual Assignment DG], Larayne Dallas [Organization and Planning], Lori Thornton [Performance Issues DG], Cindy Levine [incoming RSS Review Editor], Lynn Westbrook [Education and Professional Development for Reference].

• The Chair presented the following proposal for a revised Executive Committee Meeting

III format/agenda:

o Committees and Discussion Groups will send Meeting Highlights to the Webmaster and RSS-L

o Only Committee and DG special reports, action items, and issues requiring feedback will be reported and discussed

o A “big idea” topic/issue will be discussed for the remainder of the meeting

 The floor was opened for comments: -RUSA Board is also scaling back their agenda to action items only, -ALA plans to reduce the conference schedule by one day, -To be effective, members must be dedicated to reading reports and offering feedback through the listserv.

 The revised meeting format was approved, and the meeting agenda was revised accordingly.

• RUSA President’s Report: Dave Tyckoson

Dave reported on three special initiatives/projects of his presidency:

1. Make RUSA a leader in research: Dave thanked Anne Moore and the RSS Research and Statistics Committee for distribution of RUSA fund to support new research. Funding is available to all sections and additional sponsors are being sought to ensure continued funding.

2. Hold non-conference programs and events online: The technology planned for live webcasts failed this year, but Dave and President-elect Neal Wyatt will try again for next year. The decline in membership and smaller professional travel budgets may negatively affect attendance at conferences. RUSA hopes to retain members and attract new ones by offering quality online events through webcasts, OPAL programming via Talking Communities software, Second Life, virtual conferences via Learning Times software, etc. Online program co-sponsorship with other sections is encouraged.

3. Build linkages between RUSA and various state and regional associations: Allan Kleiman will chair efforts to develop collaborations, joint programming, and memberships. RUSA’s limited co-sponsorship of the Reference Renaissance Conference is one step in this direction. Dave supports more RUSA funded co-sponsorship of relevant non-ALA conferences.

• The revised agenda was approved. The Jan 12 (part 1) and Jan 15 minutes were corrected and approved.


o All three RSS Annual 2009 program proposals were approved. The Catalog Use program will be co-sponsored by MARS and offered in a MARS slot. The committee also got co-sponsorship from the LITA Next Generation Catalog Interest Group.

o Barb Mann was elected Vice Chair/Chair-elect and Ann Brown has been appointed to serve the remaining year of Barb’s term as Member-at-Large.

o Susan Beck reported on Discussion Group repetitioning. DGs must repetition every 5 years by obtaining a declaration of interest from 25 people. Susan has developed a timeline and format for this process to ensure that each DG completes its petition on schedule. Organization and Planning mentors will be responsible for keeping their assigned DG abreast of the timeline and process. Hot Topics in Frontline Reference must repetition this year; RSS/CODES Dual Assignment will be up in 2009; all other DGs are scheduled for 2010.

o Barb Mann reported on the joint RSS/MARS preconference: Reinvented Reference 4: Emerging Technologies for Reference Service (Friday, June 27, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm). The preconference was a success with a full house and 4 corporate sponsors.

o Thank you was extended to all who attended the RUSA Awards program and to Jessica Moyer who organized it.

• Reports:

o Liaison to RUSA Conference Coordinating Committee - Jessica Moyer

 Committees are encouraged to use local people as much as possible and to seek co-sponsorship for program funding support.

 The President’s Program is the only program that receives significant RUSA funding. The maximum funding any committee can receive is $300 for speakers and $50 for supplies. Only non-librarian speakers can be reimbursed.

 Program times were adjusted to avoid crowding.

o Web Advisory – Virginia Cole

 The new address for sending web page updates is This address is monitored by both webmasters.

 Submit a copy of minutes to the Highlights Form, RSS-L listserv, and

 Send the webmasters more photos and multimedia to add interest to your web pages. The Web Advisory team will provide tutorials if you need help with podcasts, Facebook apps, etc.

 Send announcements of your activities and promotions to RSS-L and to the RSS Newsletter via Cindy Levine.

o Liaison to RUSA Membership – Liane Luckman

 After discussion, it was agreed that Liane would work with Barb Mann to consider creation of a membership subcommittee of the Organization and Planning Committee. The subcommittee will be responsible for planning Open House and other recruitment activities. Liane will also contact BRASS and STARS for information on the operation of their membership committees.

 The need for and the effectiveness of a variety of promotional materials (ribbons, stickers, brochures, business cards) were discussed. Brochures may be more appropriate for RUSA 101 at Midwinter, RUSA Open House at Annual, and RSS Open House. RSS business cards were discussed as a popular and convenient promotion for all occasions, particularly at meetings.

  • • Discussion Topic: New Definition of Reference

    o An updated definition of reference was approved by the RUSA Board and now appears on the RUSA web site.

    o Lisa asked Ann Brown and her committee (Marketing and Public Relations for Reference Committee) to develop ideas for promoting use of the new definition by other organizations involved in reference assessment. Ideas presented by the Marketing Committee and those developed through discussion include:

     Immediate goals:

    • send press releases to listservs, library schools, library educator’s listserv (JESSE), a range of state, regional, and national accreditation, standards, and statistical reporting organizations (ARL, NISO, NCES, etc.)

    • send op-eds to American Libraries, LJ, RUSQ

    • create a Facebook fan page

    • post the definition more prominently on the RUSA web site

     Long Term goals:

    • track back NISO representative who first contacted RUSA about NISO revisions and promote the new definition

    • send letters to managers of accrediting agencies

    • co-host Midwinter discussion forum with ERUS (why the change, what does it mean, how to collect statistics, etc.)

    • promote discussion at All Committee meetings; ask DGs to discuss the changes relevant to their topics, if possible

    • design and distribute informative brochures, handouts, business cards, bookmarks

    • request RUSA New Initiative funding to support efforts

    • present related poster sessions at ALA 09 and ACRL 09

    • create web deliverables: e-posters, webcasts, OPAL event, etc.

    • incorporate in future preconference topics; seek sponsorship of relevant vendors: RefTracker, Desk Tracker, etc.

    • promote and distribute relevant talking points to other ALA divisions/sections: GODORT, LAMA, NMRT, Readers’ Advisory, Collection Development, etc.

    • buy ads

    • have a ‘launch’ party connected to RUSA Awards events in 09

    • recommend new definition to editors of Reference and Information Services: An Introduction (Smith & Bopp) for inclusion in revised editions

    • write a scholarly paper connecting the changes in the definition of reference with the changes in reference service

    • seek additional promotion from RSR

    o The following activities were adopted as immediate action items:

    •Issue press releases, design small brochure, work with webmaster to create Facebook fan page (Marketing and Public Relations Committee)

    • Write op-eds (Lisa Horowitz, Judy Solberg, Barb Mann)

    •Encourage DGs to discuss

    •Request RUSA New Initiative funding (Judy Solberg)

    •Charge a 1-year Task Force/Working Group to draft a paper for Executive Committee approval and submission to RUSQ (Liane Luckman, Jessica Moyer, Kate Silton)

    •Submit a proposal to Dave as an OPAL online program topic (Barb Mann)

Meeting was adjourned 10:40am