2004 Annual Meeting Minutes June 29

RUSA/RSS Executive Committee Meeting II Minutes

2004 ALA Annual/Orlando

Tuesday, June 29, 2004, 8:00 11:00 a.m.

Sheraton World Resort, Board Room.

Present: Mary Hollerich (Chair), Anne Beaubien, Robert J. Bellinger, Linda Fenster,

Scott Garton, Linda S. Harris, John C. Hepner, Allan M. Kleiman, Lars Leon, Cynthia R.

Levine, Maira Liriano, Anne C. Moore, Carolyn M. Mulac, Eric Novotny, George

Porter, Loriene Roy, Ellen Safley, Joan Stein, David Tyckoson, and Kay Vyhnanek.

I. Approval of Agenda

Mary Hollerich opened the meeting at 8:14 a..m. The Committee voted to approve the

agenda as amended.

II. Approval of Minutes

The minutes for the meeting of Tuesday, 13 January 2004, were approved as amended to

correct the spelling of one personal name.

III. RSS Committee Reports

A. Services to Adults

Robert Bellinger reported that the Committee met and discussed issues related to their

conference program proposal.

At this point, Mary Hollerich asked for volunteers to write the section news for the RUSA

Update. While in the past the Section Secretary also prepared this column, a new editor is

needed. The editor need not be a member of the Executive Committee. The deadline for

submitting content to the editor for the next column is 9 July 2004.

B. Library Service to an Aging Population

Allan Kleiman reported that 85 were in the audience for their program, the "Boomers are

Coming, the Boomers are Coming." Content based on the program may be published in

Library Journal. The Committee is also planning an all day forum on aging at

Midwinter/Boston. The planners hope to have an audience of 100 people with

representation from each state. The Committee is also reaching out to other units in ALA.

OLOS now has content on their Web site on service to the aging. Members are preparing

content on the history of the committee for the winter issue of RUSQ. The tribute to

honor the Committee on its 40th anniversary is going to Council.

Members of the committee spoke with Booklist about an annual May column featuring

the best resources on aging. The committee is still seeking a sponsor for the Bessie Moore

Award and hopes to locate one by ALA Midwinter/Boston. The Award will not continue

if a sponsor is not located by this time.

The committee is planning to submit a proposal for a preconference in 2006 with the

tentative title of "Bridging the Ages." The morning portion of the program will cover

services to traditional adults while the afternoon will be a continuation of the baby

boomers program. The committee will also prepare a similar program for the next PLA


The committee examined a document from the International Relations Committee that

asks every ALA committee to have some international focus. The committee has already

accomplished this.

C. Virginia Boucher, OCLC Distinguished ILL Librarian Award

Mary Hollerich announced that Joan Stein was the recipient of this award. This

committee will be moving to STARS.

D. Catalog Use

Cindy Levine described the discussion group the committee held on approaches to

explaining the catalog in reference and instruction. The fact that 84 people were in

attendance is evidence that many are interested in knowing more about a bridge between

cataloging and reference. The committee is also examining its charge.

E. Cooperative Reference Services

Linda Fenster reported that the committee discussed the proposal from the Organization

and Planning Committee to change the name and charge of this committee to incorporate

virtual reference. The committee also discussed planning for revisions of the Guidelines

for Cooperative Reference Service Policy Manuals. The committee's proposed program,

titled "Yours, Mine, and Ours: Quality of Service in Collaborative Virtual Reference"

was accepted for ALA/Chicago.

F. Evaluation of Reference and User Services

Maira Liriano announced that the program on a new definition of reference was a huge


G. Interlibrary Loan

The Committee sponsored programs at ALA, including a program called "License to

Fill." The PowerPoint slides from this program will soon be available on the ILL

Committee Web site. The committee would like to develop two versions of the ALA

Factsheet on ILL, one for trustees and one for the new ILL librarian. They will also place

summaries of STARS activities on the ILL list. They will issue another call for STARS

volunteers in September. They are working on updating Web site content with

explanations as the Web site transfers over to STARS. Their preconference for 2005 will

be titled "Currents of Change" and will cover workflow change and innovation.

H. Management of Reference

There was no committee report.

I. Nominating

Maira Liriano noted that this committee is conducting its business via email. People can

direct their questions to her.

J. Research and Statistics

Joan Stein reported that over 100 attended the Reference Research Forum. In addition to

planning this event, the committee is considering other parts of its charge. They would

like information on how to add and revise Web site content. They are also starting to

explore the process of establishing a reference research award. Mary Hollerich added that

an ALA awards committee ultimately approves new awards. The committee would also

have to secure funding from a vendor to cover the cost of the award and administrative


K. Library Service to the Spanish Speaking

There was a question about the existence of this committee.

L. Organization and Planning

John Hepner distributed three handouts. Two listed new RSS committees and discussion

groups with their charges. The third handout listed existing committees, their current

charges, and any proposed changes to their charges.

Discussion first addressed three new proposed committees. Mary Hollerich asked whether

the charge for the Education and Professional Development for Reference Committee

would monitor educational opportunities rather than develop workshops and training

opportunities within the section. John Hepner replied that this task will be included in the

committee's charge which will also include developing the section's own training and

development programs. Hollerich asked that both tasks be stated explicitly in the charge

since involvement with developing WebCT programs will be a great opportunity to

promote RSS.

Ellen Safley noted that the representative from MARS spoke at the meeting of the RUSA

Reorganization Committee about the possible formation of a dual committee for virtual

reference service to be formed from two RUSA sections. She also reminded the

Committee that 12 July 2004 is the deadline for submitting changes to appear in the next

ALA Handbook of Organization. These updates include new appointments.

John Hepner indicated that the vision for the Marketing and Public Relations for

Reference Services Committee's applies to activities both internal and external to an

information setting. While Mary Hollerich suggested adding the phrase, "to internal and

external bodies," to this committee's charge, the preference of the Board was to leave the

charge as proposed.

The Board approved the establishment of three new committees to RSS. These are the

Educational and Professional Development for Reference Committee, the Marketing and

Public Relations for Reference Services Committee, and the User Education and

Information Literacy Committee.

Discussion next turned to the RSS Discussion groups. Three existing discussion groups

will continue: Performance Issues for Reference/Information Librarians, Reference

Services in Large Research Libraries, and Reference Services in Small and Medium-sized

Libraries. There was also a request that Discussion Groups be more overtly mentioned on

the Web site.

Organization and Planning sent a proposal to RUSA to request that the Hot Topics in

Frontline Reference Discussion Group be transferred to RSS.

John Hepner explained that the RSS bylaws provides no provision for the Executive

Committee to create a discussion group. The Executive Board has two procedural options

it can follow. It can vote to suspend the bylaws and allow the Board to create a discussion

group without signatures or it can approve the formation of a discussion group in

principal and then secure 25 signatures to create them officially. The process of

requesting signatures can involve sending emails to the RUSA and RSS listservs,

requesting members to print off a petition, sign it, and return it. David Tyckoson and

Allan Kleiman suggested that they try to secure the necessary signatures at ALA

Midwinter/Boston and ALA Annual/Chicago.

Mary Hollerich said since RSS is, in essence, creating a new section, they have to redo

the bylaws. John Hepner added that RSS is currently operating under the existing bylaws

as amended. He noted that RSS is due for a RUSA section review in another year or two.

Hollerich advised that when RSS revises its bylaws that it removes this requirement that

discussion groups petition to be reestablished.

This discussion led to a vote by the Committee to suspend the bylaws to establish two

new discussion groups and transfer one existing discussion group to RSS.

The Committee next examined the list and charges for existing committees. John Hepner

mentioned that Organization and Planning recommends that every committee look at their

current charge and consider whether adjustments need to be made to reflect new goals.

He asked that Committees place this task on their agendas for discussion at ALA


Slight changes were made to the charges for the Organization and Planning and Research

and Statistics committees. The Catalog Use Committee might need to update its charge.

Between now and ALA Midwinter/Boston discussion will take place on whether to

jointly sponsor the virtual reference committee with MARS. Ellen Safley asked whether

marketing of the section should be added to a committee's charge. Maira explained that

RSS will form a one-year promotion task force that can provide advice on the possible

establishment of a new committee. As RSS Chair, she will look at committee

memberships and charges over the next year.

Mary Hollerich and Eric Novotny suggested a change to the proposed charge for the

Organization and Planning Committee to reflect that it reviews the section organization

and advises the Executive Committee.

John Hepner added that a change to the charge for the Cooperative Reference Service

Committee is probably not necessary. There was some discussion on the best way to note

that sponsoring an annual research forum is part of the charge of the Research and

Statistics committee. The Committee suggested that the reference research forum be

listed in lower case in the charge to allow for flexibility in planning this event.

John Hepner asked Cooperative Reference Service to consider changing its scope to

cover both cooperative and virtual reference. Mary Hollerich moved that this committee

prepare a charge. This action was approved unanimously.

IV. MOUSS Discussion Group Reports

A. Interlibrary Loan

Anne Beaubien reported on this discussion group as well as on the activities of the

Interlibrary Loan Committee. She announced that an Executive Committee for STARS

has been elected by RUSA members present at the RUSA ILL Discussion Group and

includes Mary Hollerich as Chair, Anne Beaubien as Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Kay

Vyhnanek as Secretary, and Lynn Wiley, Tanner Wray, and Tom Schneiter as the three

members at large. The Discussion Group also held small group discussions on possible

projects for the new STARS committees and a program on international ILL by Lynn


B. Performance Issues for Reference Librarians

There was no report from this discussion group.

C. Reference Service in Large Research Libraries

There was no report from this discussion group.

D. Reference in Small and Medium-Sized Libraries

There was no report from this discussion group.

V. RUSA Committee Reports

A. Access to Information

There was no report from this Committee.

B. Conference Coordinating

Scott Garton reported that all four RSS program proposals were approved. The Research

and Statistics program will take place on Saturday during the 1:30 3:30 time slot. The

Management of Reference program will take place on Sunday, 1:30 3:30. The Service

to Adults program will occur on Saturday from 4:00 5:30. The Cooperative Reference

program will be on Sunday, 8:30 10:00. RUSA will sponsor a total of eleven programs

at ALA/Chicago, not counting the RUSA President's program. While each section may

sponsor up to three programs, RSS will have four programs because it will co-sponsor the

Cooperative Reference program with STARS. The MARS and RSS co-sponsored

preconference was approved as was the RSS ILL preconference. Allan Kleiman asked if

committees be given a fair opportunity at sponsoring programs by reviewing program

sponsorship at ALA Midwinter.

Mary Hollerich asked whether the program limit will be increased with the arrival of

STARS as a new section. Scott Garton indicated that he was not sure what channel needs

to be used to make the Reference Research Forum a permanent RUSA event and thus not

be counted as one of the three RSS programs. Joan Stein noted that programs provide an

excellent opportunity to market RUSA and RSS. Program planners might provide

information on how to join RUSA on evaluation sheets distributed at the program. Allan

Kleiman added that program moderators might pick up packets prior to the programs to

distribute at the programs.

C. Membership

There was no report from this Committee.

D. Nominating

Maira Liriano observed that David Tyckoson is Chair of Nominating and activities are

going well. Several RSS members will be on the ballot. STARS will have to select a

representative to this Committee in the future.

E. Organization

Ellen Safley summarized some changes occurring in other RUSA Sections. CODES will

be undergoing review. STARS will be asked to share a committee with CODES. BRASS

just completed their review. The MARS representative spoke about a new virtual

reference committee. MARS also sends a representative to some NMRT members in an

effort to recruit new members to MARS. RSS might want to emulate this activity.

F. Planning and Finance

Lars Leon reported that RUSA will end FY04 with an even budget. RUSA might receive

around $20,000 through a Walgreen's consumer health information grant. RUSA will

also host five preconferences; preconferences usually generate income for the Section.

RUSA will have a little reserve balance for FY2004; RUSA has to retain 50% of the

expenditures averaged over 3 years. The biggest question is dues.

RUSA last raised dues 8 years ago. A dues increase would have to be voted on by

membership. This question may appear on the spring 2005 ballot. The general advice is

not to request a dues increase in a section during the same year that ALA asks for a

general dues raise. Mary Hollerich advised that RUSA might want to examine the dues

structures of other divisions. Lars Leon suggested that RSS place this discussion item on

its Saturday agenda at ALA Midwinter/Boston.

Lars Leon reported 2003 RUSA membership at 4,113 personal members. Mary Hollerich

observed that ALA needs to institute a public relations and promotion plan with

incentives for membership. Allan Kleiman added that he would like to see a discount at

the ALA bookstore for members. Hollerich would also like to initiate a discussion of

other sources of revenue for RUSA, especially income that might relate to WebCT


G. Professional Development

Carolyn Mulac said that the committee was given a new charge by the RUSA board: to

provide leadership and coordinate the development of RUSA programming apart from

annual conferences including generating topics and recommending other topics for Web

courses, evaluate proposals for WebCT courses including those from outside sources,

and organize and sponsor an orientation session for new members.

David Tyckoson announced that he has developed a four-week, Web-based course on The

Reference Interview that is offered through RUSA. The course will be offered twice in

fall 2004 and enrollment will be limited to 30. It is especially recommended for support

staff. The fee for RUSA members is $130.

H. Publications

There was no report from Publications.

I. Standards and Guidelines

The revised Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference and Information

Services Professionals were passed by the RUSA Board. A couple of paragraphs were

added to the ILL code as explanatory text. The Guidelines for Library Services to

Hispanics is scheduled for review. They will also start to look at the Guidelines for

Library Services to Older Adults at ALA Midwinter/Boston. The Standards and

Guidelines Committee is available to help committees prepare and revise guidelines; their

services include a checklist on the Web site.

VI. RUSA Board Report

The RUSA Board is looking for nominations to ALA Council. They also discussed the

draft of the RUSA Web site policy. The contact person is Joe Straw at the University of

Illinois. Standards and Guidelines endorsed the resolution to honor the 40th anniversary of

the Library Service for an Aging Population.

VII. Old Business

There was no old business.

VIII. New Business

Maira Liriano reported that the MARS Executive Committee voted to endorse creation

of a joint RSS/MARS Virtual Reference committee. The structure being discussed

would involve a Chair and Vice-chair, with each position rotating between RSS and

MARS. The Chair and Vice-chair could attend the board meetings for their

respective Sections, rather than having one Chair report at both boards. All

present RSS Executive Committee members voted in agreement. It is hoped to form

this committee as soon as possible. It was noted that at the present time, the

Cooperative Reference Service Committee is also focusing its attention on virtual

reference issues. But it was decided that there are cooperative reference issues

that do not involve virtual reference, as well as virtual reference issues that do

not involve cooperative relationships between libraries. Therefore, it was

concluded that the two committees should be separate, even though they have

overlapping interests at the present time.

Maira Liriano also asked for interest in establishing a three member, one-year taskforce to

promote RSS. Mary Hollerich added that the taskforce have a clear charge with deadlines.

David Tyckoson volunteered to serve on and chair this taskforce. Allan Kleiman also

volunteered to serve.

George Porter arrived in time to ask whether Tuesday Executive Board meetings might be

located near each other so joint meeting time might be scheduled. There was also a

suggestion that name cards be reintroduced at Board meetings.

IX. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 11:12 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Loriene Roy

RSS Secretary