2007 Annual Meeting Highlights

2007 Annual Meeting Highlights

Catalog Use Committee

Dates of meeting: 6/23/07 & 6/25/07

E-mail: ameryman@copyright.com

Members present:

Liane Luckman (chair)

Cathy Brown (incoming co-chair)

Amber Meryman (incoming co-chair)

Laura Zupko

Tiffany Hebb

Pam Morgan

Loisann White

Pamela Harpel-Burke

Teri Oaks Gallaway (intern)

Steve Ostrem

Members absent:

Emily Edwards (has since been removed from committee)


(for Monday meeting)

Pat Kanter

Andrew Wytis

Karen Kohn

Joe Mirarchi


The objective is to decide on a program for Midwinter and/or Annual 2009, and to outline the topic and structure of the program(s).


Teri Oaks Gallaway agreed to be the web liaison for the committee. She will make sure the committee's recently updated charge is consistent throughout the ALA website.

During the Saturday meeting, the committee discussed other ALA programs relevant to our group, and who would be attending which programs.

The committee decided on pursuing a discussion group for Midwinter 2008, with a probable follow-up to the topic for Annual 2009. Topics were brainstormed and discussed more in-depth during Monday's meeting.

The topics, for discussion tables, are:

1.) Should you have to teach the catalog? Different words to use when teaching the catalog to different groups

2.) Pushing the catalog out to users - RSS feeds, PDAs, LibX, WorldCat, Google

3.) Tech services and front-line reference - talking to each other; what can we learn from each other

4.) Assessment and Usability - information seeking behavior in different age groups

5.) When you catalog is not the discovery tool - Amazon, LibraryThing, Googlebooks, WorldCat, etc. as discovery tools (similar to #2)

Committee members will work on identifying experts in each topic, to help lead the discussions. We will let people switch tables at least once, and then each group will share with the other tables what they talked about.

We discussed logistics and other plans for the program, to be completed via e-mail.


The Catalog use committee was very effective in accomplishing the goal of deciding upon its next program, and then outlining the structure and topic of this program.