Primary Sources on the Web: Finding, Evaluating, Using

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This brief guide is designed to help students and researchers find and evaluate primary sources available online. Note: as of 2024, this guide is currently under review and revision. 

Keep in mind as you use this website, the Web is always changing and evolving. If you have questions, please consult your instructor or librarian.

Primary sources are the evidence of history, original records or objects created by participants or observers at the time historical events occurred or even well after events, as in memoirs and oral histories. Primary sources may include but are not limited to: letters, manuscripts, diaries, journals, newspapers, maps, speeches, interviews, documents produced by government agencies, photographs, audio or video recordings, born-digital items (e.g. emails), research data, and objects or artifacts (such as works of art or ancient roads, buildings, tools, and weapons). These sources serve as the raw materials historians use to interpret and analyze the past.

Additional Explanations and Examples of Primary Sources

To see if these books are in a library near you, click on the title to access WorldCat.

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Image Credits and Sources


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Written in 2015 by a sub-committee of the Instructional and Research Services Committee of the Reference and User Services History Section in the American Library Association.  Sub-committee members:
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