Mentoring Program Subcommittee


This subcommittee coordinates a mentoring program for history librarians. The purpose of the mentoring program is to provide professional development for the section by connecting experienced history librarians with those new to the field in mentor and mentee pairs. More information about the mentoring program can be found in the Mentoring Program Guidelines.


  • Amanda Binder (Member and Academic Librarians Committee Co-chair Liaison)
  • Hannah Madonna (Co-chair)
  • Sarah L. Meisch-Lacombe (Co-chair)

Program Testimonials

This program gave me a chance to connect with more experienced librarians that helped me troubleshoot a variety of instruction-related issues along with other areas of the profession. As someone who does not have a background in history, this program became a great way for me to learn more about what being a history librarian entails so I could be a better librarian for faculty, staff, and students.

Last year, I participated in the RUSA HS mentoring program as a mentee. It was such a rewarding and transformative experience! This year, I had the privilege and pleasure of serving as a mentor and the experience has been equally wonderful! This mentoring program has been invaluable in helping me forge connections and friendships with similarly-positioned librarians across the country. Thank you, RUSA!

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a mentee in the RUSA mentoring program! I definitely learned so much and I'm glad that I have new information that I can carry with me as I navigate my early career years post-graduation. I deeply value not just the insight that my mentor gave me about librarianship, but also the resources that she shared with me.

I had a wonderful experience participating in the mentoring program. It was great to meet with a more experienced librarian each month and learn about different resources, research tips, and tons of other relevant topics that came up in our discussions. My mentor was phenomenal and we will be keeping in touch after the program.