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American Banker's Association

The American Banker's Association has been the premiere voice of the American Banking Industry for nearly 120 years. The site contains sections on products and services, conferences, news, industry issues, schools, consumer connections, personal finance, and sites they deem useful.

Bank Rate Monitor

Comprehensive rate information for mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, savings, home equity, internet banking, Y2K, etc., as well as "how to" information on topics such as calculating your payment, or checking your bank. Also included are Special Reports, rates from 4,000 institutions, news, and basic information on banking for consumers.


A source of updated rates and quotes from leading financial service providers in each market. It features state-by-state, regional and national composite benchmarks as well as links and snapshot profiles of many financial institutions.

Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System website provides general information, press releases, testimony and speeches, monetary policy, research and data, community affairs, and other information related to the central bank of the United States.

Central Banks Online

New York University School of Law’s Center for the Study of Central Banks is responsible for this metasite. Coverage includes Central bank statutes; basic banking laws; political constitutions; unpublished working papers and related materials; conference papers from the Center; published works; and annual reports.

FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Official documents from the FDIC including current CRA information, laws and regulations applicable to financial institutions, consumer news, and a statistical database on banks and the banking industry.

House Committee on Banking and Financial Services

Banking and financial services bills, summaries, hearing transcripts, markups, meetings, press releases, rules and comprehensive full text reports are all available here.

International Monetary Fund

The IMF's website offers the texts of all their complementary publications, as well as news releases, country publications, fund rates, standards and codes and a "what's new" column.

NIC National Information Center

The National Information Center provides comprehensive information on banks and other institutions for which the Federal Reserve has supervisory, regulatory or research interest. The site includes acquisition/institutions history, performance reports, top 100 banks, and other useful information.

The World Bank

This website allows access to the organizations publications, news and speeches, development economics, information, global bond information, world development marketplace, regions and countries, and operations and policies, as well as other resources related to the World Bank.

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