RUSA - STARGazing: Meet Meg Massey



RUSA - STARGazing: Meet Meg Massey


1. What is your institutional affiliation?
Pennsylvania State University Libraries


2. What’s your OCLC / Docline symbol?


3. What would be the title of your autobiography?
“Work in Progress” - I’ve always described myself in this way. I’m still figuring stuff out, a true work in progress. I’m continually learning, evolving, working to understand myself, the systems I’m a part of, and the people around me.


4. How did you get involved in resource sharing (or access services, etc.)?
It was really sort of a happy accident, honestly. I had been looking for a full-time library gig for a while, and one day in my search I stumbled upon a listing for an Interlibrary Loan Assistant. I didn’t have experience in Interlibrary Loan, but I had worked in an academic library throughout my college years, so I went for it. I was really fortunate to land the job at Franklin & Marshall College and learned a lot during my time there. I worked there for six years, and then moved to Penn State as the Manager of Interlibrary Loan in 2017.


5. What are you passionate about? How does that passion inform your work?
While I would classify myself as an introvert, I am really passionate about people. Passionate about getting to know their stories, to learn what’s important to them, and how I can help connect them with resources and with opportunities. In my current role as Interim Head of Access Services at Penn State, I’m really fortunate to work with units that facilitate access, allowing users to make meaningful connections with resources. I also supervise our User Services Training Coordinator, who works to provide training and professional development opportunities libraries-wide. So again, just feel really lucky to be in a position to get to know people and help meet their needs.


6. What do you feel are the benefits of your STARS membership, and why would you encourage others to get involved?
I can’t believe it took me this long, but I am new to STARS membership as of this year. However, I have benefitted from the knowledge and expertise of STARS members for years. The Interlibrary Loan Code has been a fantastic source throughout my years in resource sharing. There are so many documents and resources that we can look to for help. More than anything, I think the resource sharing community as a whole is really good at facilitating connections and providing support, and RUSA is a big part of that.


7. What do you wish you’d known when you started out in resource sharing (access services, etc.)?
Oh wow, such a great question. Like I said, I really knew nothing about resource sharing when I started. I was fortunate to have such wonderful folks at Franklin & Marshall that provided training, support, and a whole lot of patience. Pretty early on in my time there, my predecessor (who had retired) took the time to meet with me and she shared that I shouldn’t worry about making sure every single request was processed by the end of the day. She told me requests would always be rolling in, the work was never done. It was really good advice and I’ve carried that with me ever since. It’s relieved a lot of pressure and allowed me to focus on what’s really important – providing excellent service. And boy was she right – those requests never stop coming, do they?


8. How has your STARS membership helped you do your job?
STARS has provided excellent documents, resources, and a sense of community. When I have a question, I know I can look to the ILL code, or to the documents on the STARS page, or connect with a colleague that can tell me about their experience.


9. What are you reading?
I am currently reading Emma Straub’s “All Adults Here.”


10. Share your favorite fun fact about yourself
I sing! I’ve been doing it for years and took part in competitions in my middle and high school days.