RUSA - STARGazing: Meet Meg Atwater-Singer



RUSA - STARGazing: Meet Meg Atwater-Singer


1. What is your institutional affiliation?
University of Evansville Libraries in Evansville, Indiana


2. What’s your OCLC / Docline symbol?


3. What would be the title of your autobiography?
Eat Dessert First!


4. How did you get involved in resource sharing (or access services, etc.)?
I was working as the Instruction Librarian at the University of Evansville when the Access Services Librarian position became available. Since I was looking for a new challenge and wanted to learn more about other areas of librarianship, I thought I would be a good fit. Thirteen years later, I still find resource sharing and access services to be challenging and rewarding.


5. What are you passionate about? How does that passion inform your work?
I am very passionate about solving puzzles. This has informed my work because there are lots of puzzles to solve and issues to work through in Access Services. I do not let “not available” slow me down when it comes to accessing materials for my patrons.


6. What do you feel are the benefits of your STARS membership, and why would you encourage others to get involved?
A favorite benefit of my STARS membership is networking and conversing with my colleagues. I would encourage others to also get involved because of the thought-provoking work that’s available and the ability to network is amazing. Who wouldn’t want access to all this? Join people!


7. What do you wish you’d known when you started out in resource sharing (access services, etc.)?
When I began my tenure in resource sharing and access services, I wish I had known how unbelievably generous libraries are! It is amazing.


8. How has your STARS membership helped you do your job?
STARS continually updates and provides guiding documents, like the best practices and code of conduct for resource sharing and access services, which I find extremely helpful.


9. What are you reading?
Breath by James Nestor


10. Share your favorite fun fact about yourself
I have been to the highest point in 23 states!