RUSA Federal Achievement Award

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The Federal Achievement Award presented by ASGCLA 2019-2020, and RUSA 2021- current, was formerly the FAFLRT Achievement Award. The award recognizes an individual for achievement in the promotion of library and information service and the information profession in the Federal community. Those nominated need not be members of RUSA or ALA, nor of FAFLIG or predecessor, FAFLRT.



To nominate a librarian, complete the nomination form (Google Form). 

If you do not have a Google account or unable to use the Google form, please fill out the PDF nomination form. Send the completed nomination form along with the submission materials to the RUSA Office



Submission Materials

  • Nomination letter, describing the ways in which the nominee fulfills the purpose of awarding an individual for recognizing their promotion of library and information science and the information profession within the Federal and Armed Forces communities.   
  • The nomination letter may either include a summary of the nominee’s activities and contributions, or a resume of individual listing their activities and contributions.
  • A 2nd letter or statement of endorsement containing specific reasons for supporting the nomination.
  • Provide any other appropriate documentation supporting the candidate (optional).
  • Nominators should discuss nomination with potential candidate before and during creation of submission materials, as RUSA has a promotional event for awardees.




Federal Achievement Award candidates must:

  • Have promoted library and information science and the information profession in the Federal community.
  • Have contributed to Federal and Armed Forces Libraries and the information profession.
  • Self-nominations are permitted.
  • Strength of endorsement or letters of support.


Award Recipients

  • 2023: Michelle A. Ortiz, Supervisory Librarian, Vicenza and Del Din Library, USAG Italy, ARMY-IMCOM
  • 2022 Lee Lipscomb, Assistant Librarian at the Federal Judicial Center
  • 2021  No Awards Given
  • 2020 Nancy Faget, Army Research Library
  • 2020  Karl Debus-Lopez, Library of Congress, retired
  • 2019  Richard Huffine, Chief of the Library and Public Information Center at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • 2018 Master Gunnery Sergeant (USMC), Chief, US Marine Band Library & Archives
  • 2016 Anne Harrison, From Library of Congress
  • 2015  Jeanne Drewes
  • 2014  Judith Proctor Cannan
  • 2013  No Awards Given
  • 2012  No Awards Given
  • 2011  No Awards Given
  • 2010  Shirley Loo
  • 2009  Donna Scheeder
  • 2008  Robert E. Schnare, Jr.
  • 2007  No awards given
  • 2006  James King
  • 2005  No awards given
  • 2004  Susan M. Tarr
  • 2003  Janet D. Ormes
  • 2002  Dan O. Clemmer
  • 2001  No Awards Given
  • 2000  Pam André
  • 1999  Milton H. Megee
  • 1998 Jeanne Hurley Simon, National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
  • 1997 Laurie Stackpole, Naval Research Laboratory
  • 1996 No Award given
  • 1995 Gail L. Koholhorst, General Services Administration
  • 1994, Louise Nyce, Pentagon
  • 1993 No Awards given
  • 1992 Mary Berghaus Levering, Executive Director, FLICC, Library of Congress
  • 1991 Elisabeth Knauff, Treasury Department
  • 1990 Major Owens, Representative in Congress
  • 1989 Bill Welsh, Deputy Librarian of Congress
  • 1988 Anne Heanue, ALA Washington Office
  • 1987 Adelaide del Frate, NASA
  • 1986 No Awards given
  • 1985 Patricia Wilson Berger, National Bureau of Standards