Online Learning Registration

Course Registration:

Individual course registration rates:

  • $130 for RUSA members
  • $175 for ALA members
  • $210 for non-ALA members
  • $100 for student members and retired members

Online and fax registration ends at close-of-business the Thursday before the course begins. Mailed registration forms must be postmarked by two Mondays prior to the course start date.

Group course registrations?

  • We offer 15% savings for group registrations.
  • Groups are defined as two or more librarians/staff from a library or network of libraries who are enrolling in the same course at the same time.
  • Register online or download the group registration form to fax or mail in. 

Webinar Registration :

Individual webinar registration rates:

  • RUSA members: $45
  • ALA members: $50
  • ALA student & retired members: $25
  • Non-members: $65

Group webinar registrations?

  • Single login ($99):  for groups who will view the webinar together in a single location, e.g. a conference room.
  • Multiple logins ($38 per person, minimum 2ppl):  for institutions who want two or more employees to participate, but each will be at their own workstations. For multiple logins, you must have minimum of 2 participants in the same course from the same library or library system in order to receive the group rate.
  • Register online or Download the group registration form