Business Research Competencies

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Endorsed by the SLA B&F (Special Library Association, Business & Finance Division) Executive Board, June 8, 2020

Approved by the RUSA Board December 9, 2019

Approved by the BRASS Executive Board, November 19, 2019


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Business Research Competencies, Task Force:

Annette Buckley
Research Librarian for Business & Economics, University of California, Irvine
Representative of BRASS

Rahn Huber
Librarian IV for Business; Senior Lecturer in Management (Retired), Vanderbilt University
Representative of Special Libraries Association (SLA)

Shana Gass
Business & Economics Librarian, Towson University 
Representative of BRASS


Business Research Competencies, Document Contents:


Foundational Competencies

I. The Business Information Environment
II. Business Research Strategies and Techniques

Topical Competencies

1.0 Disciplinary Research
2.0 Company and Organization Research
3.0 Industry Research
4.0 Market Research
5.0 Finance Research
6.0 Economic and Regional Research
7.0 Advertising Research
8.0 Accounting and Auditing Research
9.0 Legal Research
10.0 Tax Research


APPENDIX 1: Business Information Producers and Providers
APPENDIX 2: Document Development

Citing the Business Research Competencies


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