Chapter 8: Nominations and Elections

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A nominating committee is appointed by the president-elect of the division (chair-elect of each section) to recruit a slate of candidates for each elective position that has or will become vacant. The past Past-President typically chairs the committee.  The committee is comprised of a representative from each section that is typically the past Past-Chair of each section.

Vacancies are normally created through expiration of a term, but may also occur through resignation, removal or death of committee members.

The RUSA office will notify the chairs of each nominating committee, the number of candidates to be nominated for each position and the length of each term.

The Nominating Committee must submit the complete slate of nominees to the RUSA office by September 15th.  

Suggestions for the nominating committee:

Nominating committees should explore all suggestions for nominees in the search for the most qualified candidates, including:

  • When appropriate, successive candidates for an office should come from different parts of the country.
  • Representatives of a variety of types of libraries should be considered for each committee.
  • Candidates should represent a variety of ethnic backgrounds, genders, ages, and lengths of service to RUSA and membership in ALA.
  • Candidates for the office of vice-president/ president-elect and section vice-chair/chair-elect should have demonstrated interest in the division by serving on its committees, sections, interest groups, or discussion groups.
  • Members of the division or section should be considered first. However, if a desirable candidate is a personal member of ALA but not a member of the division, he or she may be asked to join. The candidate must join for the year in which she or he is nominated, and must be a personal member the year of the election and for subsequent years until the end of the term of office.


All candidates must consent to appear on the ballot.

When the Nominating Committee chair sends the slate to the RUSA office, notices of consent from each candidate must be included. The slate should also indicate the order for listing the candidates' names on the ballot. Order is determined by random drawing of all candidates for each position.

Biographical Information:

Biographical information for all candidates is due December 1st.

Candidates must self-submit information via the ALA online form.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for instructing candidates on how and when to submit this information. Candidates who fail to submit biographical information will be listed by name only on the ballot.

Nominating calendar (covers two fiscal years):


  • Nominating committee appointed.


Nominating committee determines slate and asks candidates if they are willing to run.

September 15

  • Chair submits the complete slate to the RUSA office, including candidate names and the order in which they should appear on the ballot.

December 1

  • Candidates submit their biographical information via the ALA online form.


  • Ballots mailed for election.


  • Candidates notified of election results.

(RUSA Nominating Committee is in charge of updating this page)