Chapter 12: RUSA Representatives to the wider ALA Community

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RUSA has representatives to ALA committees and assemblies. Representatives are a way for information sharing across the wider ALA community as well as a mechanism to ensure the voice of reference and user services is integrated into strategic planning and initiatives within ALA.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Represent RUSA at the ALA Level.
  • Serve as a conduit of information between RUSA and ALA and other divisions and units on the ALA committees.
  • Consider ideas RUSA leadership and membership want to know about; issues that seem to be pressing or need RUSA input or consideration; look for trends in these areas.
  • All RUSA representatives are attached as a liaison to a RUSA committee or to RUSA Board and are expected to share information and solicit input from the committee. Committee attendance is strongly suggested whenever possible.
  • Submit an informal report about their work and findings to the RUSA board within 2 weeks of each ALA meeting. Report should be shared with the chair of the liaison committee.
  • Representatives may ask to be put on the RUSA Board agenda as needed following Board agenda guidelines.
  • Regularly report to the RUSA Leadership Council on activities.

Appointments and Expected Reporting

  • The Vice-President of RUSA appoints representatives for a one-year term.
  • Some appointments are dual with RUSA committee chair positions


RUSA Representative Liaison Positions Expected Regular Reporting
ALA Advocacy Coordinating Group RUSA Access to Information
ALA Budget Analysis & Review Committee (BARC) RUSA Board; RUSA Budget & Finance Sub-Committee Note: The RUSA Vice-President is automatically appointed to this position.
ALA Conference Program Coordinating Team RUSA Board - (the Past-Past President serves as the RUSA representative to ALA Conference Program Coordinating Team and is appointed to RUSA Conference Program Coordinating Committee. This holds the commitment of a RUSA President to 4 years)
ALA Education Assembly RUSA Professional Development  
ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) RUSA Access to Information Note: The chair of RUSA Access to Information is automatically appointed to this position.
ALA Legislation Assembly Subcommittee RUSA Access to Information
ALA Membership Promotion Task Force RUSA Membership Engagement Note: This chair of RUSA Membership Engagement is automatically appointed to this position.
ALA Planning & Budget Assembly RUSA Board; RUSA Budget & Finance Sub-Committee Note: The RUSA Vice-President is automatically appointed to this position.
ALA Professional Ethics RUSA Professional Development
ALA Recruitment Assembly RUSA Membership Engagement
ALA Website Advisory Committee (WAC) RUSA Professional Resources
ALCTS-CaMMS-CC:DA (Cataloging and Metadata Management Section (CaMMS) Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access) (Appointed by the RUSA Vice President). RUSA Board
ALCTS/LITA Metadata Standards Committee (Appointed by the RUSA Vice President). RUSA Board
ASCLA Accessibility Assembly (Appointed by the RUSA Vice President) RUSA Board
Division Councilor General RUSA membership; RUSA Board; RUSA Leadership Council
Freedom to Read Foundation RUSA Access to Information


Additional Positions

In addition to RUSA liaisons and committees, RUSA also has the opportunity to suggest appointments to the ALA Vice-President for possible appointment to an ALA committee.

  • This process happens in early fall and is established by the ALA Vice-President. The RUSA Vice-President makes the suggestions.
  • The ALA Vice-President is under no obligation to appoint a member suggested by RUSA.
  • While members have no direct duties to the Division because of their appointment, it is considered a courtesy to submit a yearly informal report on the work of the committee to which they were appointed and to point out in that report any items of interest to RUSA and its membership.

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