CODES Louis Shores Award

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Established in 1990, this award recognizes an individual reviewer, group, editor, review medium, or organization for excellence in book reviewing and other media for libraries. Award winners receive a citation.

The son of politically progressive German-Jewish immigrants, Louis Shores taught English at traditionally black Fisk University. In 1933 he became dean of the library school at George Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville, Tenn., where he received his Ph.D. (1934) and pioneered courses in audio-visual materials. Later, he worked concurrently as dean of the library school at Florida State University (1941–67) and as consultant to Collier’s Encyclopedia.



To nominate an individual reviewer, group, editor, review medium, or organization, complete the CODES Louis Shores Award nomination form, and follow the submission instructions therein.

Questions should be directed to the committee chair.


Submission Guidelines

Selection is based on at least one, and preferably more than one, of the following criteria:

  1. The contribution is significant to the profession.
  2. The contribution serves an active role in the development of collections of all kinds.
  3. The contribution serves as a model for others.
  4. The contribution is innovative and/or advances the role of reviews in selection and collection development.


Award Recipients

2023: Diana Tixier Herald, Independent Reviewer

2022: No award presented

2021: Terry Hong, Contributing Editor, Booklist

2020: NPR Books

2019: Donna Seaman, Adult Books Editor, Booklist

2018: Ron Charles, Editor of “Book World”, Washington Post 

2017: Mary Burkey, independent library consultant

2016: Multimedia & Technology Reviews

2015: Brad Hooper, Booklist

2014: Francine Graf, managing editor at Choice

2013: NoveList’s NextReads.

2012: Sarah L. Johnson, professor of library services at Eastern Illinois University and author of the blog Reading the Past.

2011: Bill Ott, editor and publisher of Booklist magazine, was selected for his outstanding contributions to the field of reviewing.

2010: Heather McCormack, Managing Editor of Library Journal’s Book Review section and creator and editor of Book Smack!

2009: Blogging for a Good Book, Williamsburg Regional Library

2008: Ann Chambers Theis, creator of OverBooked

2007: Katina Parthemos Strauch

2006: Barbara Hoffert

2005: Ronald Sukenick

2004: Nancy Pearl

2003: Diane Holzheimer

2002: Kathleen K. Piehl

2001: Mary Ellen Quinn

2000: The Internet Scout Project

1999: Brian E. Coutts and John B. Richard

1998: Peter Jacso

1997: Gail A. Schlachter

1996: Cheryl M. LaGuardia

1995: James R. Rettig

1994: H. Robert Malinowsky

1993: William Katz

1992: Frances N. Cheney

1991: Helen K. Wright