SustainRT Diversity in Sustainability Conference Stipend

Two individuals reading outdoors alongside the text "Sustainability Round Table Citation for Wellness in the Workplace Award"

SustainRT Diversity in Sustainability Conference Stipend


About the Award

The SustainRT Diversity in Sustainability Conference Stipend recognizes the importance of social equity to SustainRT and ALA, and works to support new and diverse members to overcome barriers to participating in the professional development and networking opportunities presented by ALA conferences and events. SustainRT will provide up to $500 each year to help one candidate to attend the ALA Annual Conference through the stipend which can be used for fees associated with registration, housing, meals, travel, or any other costs incurred as a result of attending the conference.

Call for Applications

The Sustainability Round Table will offer a $500 conference stipend to a SustainRT member attending the ALA Annual Conference. Applicants should be new and diverse voices in library sustainability or first-time attendees.

SustainRT currently offers free roundtable membership to students. Not a SustainRT member? Log into your ALA Connect account and add the Sustainability Round Table to your ALA membership.

The submission form will be available in November.

The requirements for the award winner are that they must:

  • Be a current SustainRT member. (Current SustainRT board members are not eligible.)
  • Brief bio (up to 250 words)
  • A statement on the role of diversity in promoting sustainability in libraries (up to 500 words).

Nominations will open in November and the winner will be announced in March to provide time for travel arrangements. The winner will be recognized at the Sustain RT member meeting at ALA Annual. They will be invited to write a blog post about their experience attending ALA and how the Sustainability Round Table can encourage and support diversity and sustainability in their libraries and communities. Stipend recipients will also be eligible to serve on the SustainRT Awards Committee following the conference.

Past Winners

The Diversity in Sustainability Stipend was awarded to sourav guha who is a current MLIS student at San José State’s iSchool. Their academic background includes training in natural resources and environmental policy and leadership, and they have published research on social justice and sustainability in higher education. sourav shared that, “as community anchors, libraries are well placed to gather and disseminate relevant information and opportunities responsive to local needs and desires. Libraries can cultivate spaces that invite and nourish a diversity of both approaches and sensitivities to advancing sustainability initiatives within and beyond the routine work of libraries themselves.”

SustainRT is pleased that sourav guha was able to join our SustainRT members at the 2022 ALA Annual conference and receive the stipend to help offset the cost of involvement. This stipend will be offered each year by SustainRT to a round table member to encourage diverse voices and representation at the ALA conference and in the Sustainability Round Table’s active membership.