Two individuals reading outdoors alongside the text "Sustainability Round Table Citation for Wellness in the Workplace Award"


SustainRT Awards


The ALA Sustainability Roundtable Awards Committee administers two awards each year. The awards promote the sustainability goals of SustainRT and the ALA library community by encouraging inclusive and sustainable practices within our communities that are environmentally-friendly, socially equitable, and economically feasible.

The SustainRT Citation for Wellness in the Workplace acknowledges staff as the library’s most important resource. Each year one organization will be recognized for their meaningful investment in the people that make the library a transformative force in the communities that we serve. 

The SustainRT New Voices in Sustainability Conference Stipend recognizes the importance of social equity to SustainRT and ALA. The stipend is awarded to one SustainRT member each year to support new and diverse participation within the Sustainability Roundtable and to facilitate the opportunity for professional development at the ALA Annual Conference.