Libraries Build Sustainable Communities

Workshop Leader Report Form



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Activity 1: Postcards from Home    


Activity 2: Local Libraries & Sustainable Communities    


Extension Activities:


Calculating Ecological Footprint    


Our Local Communities    


Case Study Speaker(s)    


Community Inventory Role Play    


Library Director Role Play    


Pairs Discussion     



Overall, were the activities were well received?      


The activities       provoke lively discussion.  




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1.       Total number per category: As a result of this workshop my understanding of the meaning of sustainable communities has increased:






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2.       Number of participants able to identify the 3 E’s(environment, economy, equity) of a sustainable community: all 3 E’s          only 2 E’s          only 1 E         


3.       The number of participants who will acquire at least one sustainable communities resource for their library:          The number of N/A’s:         

4.       The number of participants able to identify a sustainable community issue relevant for their community:         

5.       The number of participants able to identify a global sustainability issues relevant to their community:         

6.       The overall ratings for the workshop:

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7.       Please summarize number of responses to: As a result of this workshop, participants will…

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Conduct programs at the library:         

More outreach to officials & groups:         

Become involved internationally:         

Address issues of facilities/grounds:         



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