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At the bottom of this page you will find a link that will allow you to download the summary workshop report form. The form corresponds to pages 30 and 31 in the Libraries Build Sustainable Communities workshop manual.

This document is in Word and is formatted as a form. When you complete it and return it to me as an e-mail attachment, I will be able to automatically enter all your data into the database that has been created to tabulate the results from the workshops in all fifty states.

This means it will be very helpful if you can use this method of reporting on your workshop results!

Of course, if you cannot use this format, we will enter your results directly into the database from your faxed or mailed responses.

Here are a few pointers about using the attached form:

  1. The shaded boxes will expand as you type in them if they need more spaces.

  2. Please remember at “Location of Workshop” to start with the two-letter abbreviation for the state, followed by the city/town. This will help us if we need to search the database by state locations—some presenters might be presenting out of state.

  3. At the “Choose One” options, just click on it and select one of the options provided.

  4. Note we ask on page one for “total number of participants” and on page two for “total number of responses.” Please provide both numbers because many workshops may not receive an evaluation form from each participant despite your best efforts. These numbers are used in some of the percentage calculations for our report form.

Please submit the results either by using "Submit Form" link below, or by directly sending me an e-mail with the form attached to Global Learning's e-mail address below. Here's how to do it:

  • Click on “Download Form” below.
  • Fill out the report form.
  • Save the completed form as a file on your c: or a: drive, giving it a name in the process.
  • To send me the form, click on "Submit Form" below, give the new e-mail message a subject name, attach your completed file, and then send the e-mail message to me.

An alternative way to send me the form, if you're no longer at this Web site, is to create a new e-mail message addressed to me, attach the form, and send it.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me or call me at the number below.

Thank you very much for your participation and your help!

Jeff Brown
(908) 964-1114

 Download Form

Submit Form