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The Libraries Build Sustainable Communities Project was a partnership between the American Library Association and Global Learning, Inc.

The Libraries Build Sustainable Communities Committee consisted of:

Steve Sumerford, Chair
Assistant Director
Greensboro Public Library
Greensboro, North Carolina

Jeffrey L. Brown, Project Director
Executive Director
Global Learning, Inc.

Paula Gotsch, Project Associate Director
Associate Director
Global Learning, Inc.

David Guyer, Project Coordinator
ALA Project Coordinator
American Library Association

Judith Davie
Director, Library Media Services
Guilford County Schools
Greensboro, North Carolina

Elizabeth Dreazen
Director, Governance Office
American Library Association

Ernestine L. Hawkins
Assistant Director
East Cleveland Public Library
East Cleveland, Ohio

La Donna Kienitz
Community Services Director/City Librarian
City of Newport Beach, California

Leslie McGinnis
Supervising Librarian
Oakland Public Library Oakland, California

JoAnn G. Mondowney
Marketing Manager
Enoch Pratt Free Library
Baltimore, Maryland

Ann E. Prentice
Dean, College of Library and Information Services
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland

Ivonne Spelman
Montague Branch Team Leader/ Program Coordinator
Rockford Public Library
Rockford, Illinois

Frederick W. Stoss
Associate Librarian
University at Buffalo
State University of New York
Buffalo, New York

Portions of this Web site were gratefully adapted from Communities By Choice: An Introduction to Sustainable Community Development, which was published by Communities by Choice. For further information contact: Communities by Choice, 433 Chestnut St., Berea, KY 40403 (USA).

A number of library examples came from The Environmentalist’s Guide to the Public Library (New York: Libraries for the Future, 1997).

The Libraries Build Sustainable Communities globe graphic was designed and donated by William Bond, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, Md. ALA Production Services designed the Web site.