Our Resolutions

Resolution Archive

Resolutions are statements by SRRT that were presented to and adopted by the SRRT Action Council. Please visit the Resolution Archive to view resolutions that have been adopted by SRRT since its establishment in 1969.

Procedures for Resolutions

Approved at Philadelphia, 1995

Resolutions for SRRT Action Only:

  1. Resolutions must be typed or word-processed. Typewriters and computers are available in the ALA Offices during both Midwinter and Annual. A diskette will be available in the SRRT folders at the OLOS Table in the ALA Offices. Each member of SRRT Action Council must have a copy. If submitted in advance, the SRRT Action Council Coordinator will arrange the copying, otherwise, the mover should be prepared with the appropriate number of copies. Copying is available at the ALA Offices. Appropriate account numbers for charging this copying are available at the OLOS Table.
  2. The mover and seconder must attend SRRT Action Council to present the resolution. Any resolution endorsed by a Task Force will be considered as moved and seconded.
  3. The Resolved Clauses should be specific regarding any action to be taken by the Round Table. If the Resolution is passed, the SRRT Secretary will be responsible for distribution in accordance with the Resolved Clauses. Any other Round Table member may distribute, at their own expense, the Resolution as passed to any other person or institution as may be deemed appropriate.

Resolutions for Further ALA Action:

  1. Resolutions going beyond SRRT in the ALA structure must be available in several forms. The Whereas and Resolved Clauses must mention the appropriate body involved. A Resolution must not go to the floor of ALA Membership calling upon SRRT to act in a particular manner. (This has happened in the past and has been the cause of some anguish and reproach.)
  2. The mover/seconder or sponsoring Task Force(s) are responsible for gathering endorsements from other ALA units unless they request, and are afforded, specific assistance from the Round Table.
  3. Any two ALA members may bring an issue to the floor of an ALA Membership Meeting. This may be done by SRRT members, whether or not SRRT endorsement has been asked for or granted. However, only after adoption by SRRT Action Council may any Resolution be billed as being SRRT-endorsed. With the change in times for the ALA Membership Meetings, the passing of a resolution at SRRT Action Council first and then submitting it to ALA at-large under the 24-hour rule, may no longer be possible.
  4. In the absence of an ALA Membership Meeting, Resolutions may be sent directly to the ALA Council. Resolutions need not go through the ALA Membership Meeting should one be held. They may go directly to ALA Council. This is to be determined by the mover/seconder with such advice as they seek on this matter from SRRT Action Council and others. Any Resolution going before ALA Council requires the signature of two ALA Councillors. Obtaining these signatures is the responsibility of the mover/seconder or sponsoring Task Force(s) unless they request, and are afforded, specific assistance from the Round Table.