SRRT Newsletter Submissions

Call for Submissions

The SRRT Newsletter is always looking for good articles, essays, and letters to the editor.

The SRRT Newsletter invites submissions from library and information workers, students, educators, and all others who recognize the critical importance of libraries in addressing community and social issues. Submission content should align with the goals of SRRT: matters of social responsibility and values, current social needs, and opportunities and problems as they relate to libraries, library workers, or the communities they serve.

Please send your submissions electronically in one of the following formats: MS Word, RTF, PDF, or plain text pasted into the body of an email. Submissions should be 500 to 1,000 words. Graphics are encouraged and should be sent separately. If using images that are already on the Internet, the URL of the image and a caption or description may be added to the text of the submission.

Please email original submissions and inquiries to The SRRT Newsletter Co-Editors Melissa I. Cardenas-Dow and Julie Winkelstein, indicating "SRRT Newsletter" in the subject line of your email. A confirmation of receipt will be sent in a timely manner.Submissions for book or media reviews should be sent to Madeline Veitch, The SRRT Newsletter Reviews Editor, indicating "SRRT Newsletter Review" in the subject line of your email.


Submissions to The SRRT Newsletter Letters to the Editors

The SRRT Newsletter invites readers to submit letters to the editors relating to social responsibilities and libraries. The letters should be respectful and thoughtful, either respond to specific content in the newsletter or include suggestions for topics of interest to SRRT members to be addressed in future issues. We will only publish letters of more than 200 words in exceptional circumstances.

Submit your letters to Laura Koltutsky, member of The SRRT Newsletter Editorial Board. You may submit your letter as an attachment in one of these formats: .doc, docx; or in the body of your email message.

Letters must include your full name, address, a telephone number and email address if you have one. This is for us only —we don't share this information.