SRRT Resolutions 2010: Resolution in Support of National Health Care

Resolution in Support of National Health Care

Adopted by SRRT Action Council, January 16, 2010

Whereas, the United States Congress is currently considering legislation reforming national health care;

Whereas, the American Library Association (ALA) Council first endorsed a single-payer universal health insurance bill at the Annual Conference in 1992 (Exhibit 26B);

Whereas, ALA Council recognized the importance of comprehensive health care for all Americans and its impact on libraries and their users, and joined the Universal Health Care Action Network in 2005 (2004-2005 ALA CD #39, ALA Policy Manual 54.20); and

Whereas, ALA recently reaffirmed its support for affordable universal health care, including the option of a single-payer health care program (2008-2009 ALA CD#54); now, therefore be it

Resolved, that:

  1. the Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) of the American Library Association (ALA) strongly urges the United States Congress to include a public option or “Medicare for All” provision in the current legislation; and
  2. SRRT urges the ALA Executive Director to charge the ALA Washington Office to vigorously lobby Congress in support of this position.

Moved by Mike Marlin. Seconded by Marie Jones.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 170