SRRT Resolutions 2002: Resolution on the Protection of Privacy Rights

Resolution on the Protection of Privacy Rights

Adopted at 2002 Midwinter Meeting

Whereas libraries have been encouraged to assist in identification of "suspects'" in the "War on Terrorism,"

And whereas libraries have been expected to turn over confidential library records on demand without court orders, contrary to ALA Policy 52.4),

And whereas the abridgment of free expression rights of foreign nationals is a threat to the freedom of all, according to ALA Policy 58.3),

And whereas ALA specifically opposes governmental intimidation and supports the individuals and groups targeted by such actions, according to ALA Policy 53.4,

Therefore be it resolved that ALA opposes government intimidation, the abridgements of patrons' or employees' privacy rights, illegal obtaining of evidence, illegal search and seizure, and racial and ethnic profiling.

And be it resolved that ALA reaffirms all library users' reasonable expectations of confidentiality.

And be it resolved that this resolution be sent to all members of Congress, the President and Attorney General of the United States and the library press.