SRRT Resolutions 2001: Resolution on ALA and the Marriott Boycott

Resolution on ALA and the Marriott Boycott

Adopted at 2001 Annual Conference

WHEREAS, the American Library Association selected the San Francisco Marriott Hotel as its convention headquarters hotel for its annual conference held in San Francisco in June 2001; and

WHEREAS, the San Francisco Marriott Hotel had agreed it would not interfere with workers' right to unionize when it was given permission by the City to build on its land in 1980: and

WHEREAS, since 1996, when Local 2 was selected by a majority of Marriott employees to represent them, over 120 negotiating session have been held and still there is no labor agreement in place; and

WHEREAS, in September 2000, Local 2 called for a boycott of the San Francisco Marriott Hotel, which is supported by the Mayor, most of the Board of supervisors and other elected officials as well as many community and religious leaders; now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that SRRT supports the cause of the restaurant workers of Local 2 and the organized boycotters of the San Francisco Marriott Hotel and that it decries ALA's indifference to the boycott in its choice of conference hotel and subsequent conference arrangements.

RESOLVED, that SRRT calls on the American Library Association to formally express its regret for having made the San Francisco Marriott the central conference hotel without taking heed of the well-publicized and widely-supported boycott of the Marriott Hotel organized by the San Francisco labor movement and other supporters.

RESOLVED, that SRRT calls on ALA to alter its policy to provide for re-evaluation of contracts in light of labor conflicts, strikes and boycotts which arise, and which may form the basis for cancellation of arrangements.

RESOLVED that SRRT urges ALA to later its policy to exclude holding conferences in non-union hotels (i.e. ones where the majority of workers are unorganized) and to preclude locating any future conferences in so-called "right-to-work" states where workers rights to collective bargaining are not recognized.

RESOLVED that SRRT calls for an immediate resolution by Marriott of all outstanding issues and full recognition of the rights of all its workers and calls upon ALA to make it clear that bad labor practices in any unit of a chain will influence conference location decision choices with respect to hotels in the whole chain.