SRRT Resolutions 1997: Resolution on the Use of Chlorine-Free Papers

Resolution on the Use of Chlorine-Free Papers

Adopted at 1997 Midwinter Meeting

WHEREAS the American Library Association uses large amounts of paper in both its internal and publishing operations; and

WHEREAS the ALA has shown a commitment to environmental concerns by using recycled and acid-free paper; and

WHEREAS the use of chlorine for bleaching paper produces up to 1,000 chlorinated organic compounds (organochlorines), among which are dioxins, PCBs, and furans; and

WHEREAS many recent studies have found evidence of health hazard resulting from exposure to organochlorines; and

WHEREAS the International Joint Commission (a US-Canadian commission which monitors the health of the Great Lakes region) has concluded that the use of chlorine and its compounds should be avoided in manufacturing processes; and

WHEREAS studies have shown that elemental chlorine-free (ECF) papers can achieve high brightness (80-90% ISO) and high strength (burst, tear, tensile, and viscosity); therefore be it

RESOLVED that efforts be made by the American Library Association to acquire and use chlorine-free papers in its internal and publishing operations, and that, subsequent to switching to the use of chlorine-free papers, the ALA communicate this action to the library and publishing communities.