SRRT Resolutions 1997: Resolution on the Outsourcing of Collection Development

Resolution on the Outsourcing of Collection Development

Adopted at 1997 Annual Conference

WHEREAS the practice of outsourcing collection development for a period of time in the state of Hawaii included complete reliance on a single vendor; allowed that single vendor to allocate 100% of the materials budget ; included a single unit cost per item delivered; and included no right of return;

AND WHEREAS the Hawaii State Legislature in overruling this practice noted that “The legislature finds that this type of outsourcing contract in general is poor public policy. It elevates the book's price over the book's content”;

AND WHEREAS it is a fundamental principle of the library profession to select materials appropriate to individual library communities so that the local library user receives the best service;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the American Library Association endorses the principle that the core values of the library profession include local control of the selection of materials;

AND THAT copies of this resolution be sent to the governor of the state of Hawaii and the president of the Hawaii Library Association.