SRRT Resolutions 1995: Resolution on Ameritech

Resolution on Ameritech

Adopted at 1995 Annual Conference

WHEREAS the Fund for American Libraries took it upon itself to arrange a sponsorship deal for ALA conferences with the Ameritech Corporation involving an unusual and unseemly degree of corporate promotion for an undisclosed consideration; and

WHEREAS the deal involves giving Ameritech the right to use the official ALA logo in promotional material; and

WHEREAS the "selling" of the sponsorship of major conference events to Ameritech and the special privileges given that corporation made this powerful organization seem to dominate the conference as a whole; therefore be it

RESOLVED that SRRT rejects the inappropriate sponsorship arrangements made with Ameritech by the Fund for American Libraries, and the process by which these arrangements were made, and calls for the renegotiation of these arrangements for the upcoming Midwinter conference; and

RESOLVED further that in the future such arrangements be conducted through proper and established ALA channels and that the use of the ALA logo be a matter for open discussion in the Association.