SRRT Resolutions 1993: Resolution on Israeli Censorship

Resolution on Israeli Censorship

Adopted at 1993 Annual Conference

Whereas, ALA Membership and Council extensively debated and ultimately approved resolutions during the 1992 Annual Conference at San Francisco that

a) called upon the Government of Israel "to end all censorship and human rights violations in the Occupied West Bank and Gaza, and in Israel itself,"

b) encouraged Israeli and Palestinian representatives "In the quest for a peaceful and just solution of their conflict,"

c) encouraged ALA members "to develop ways to support librarians, journalists, educators, and others working for peace, human rights, and freedom of information and expression in the Middle East," and

d) expressly asked the International Relations Committee (IRC) to "develop strategies" towards those ends;

And Whereas, ALA Council at its sessions during the 1993 Midwinter Conference in Denver amended the original resolution by referring it to the International Relations Committee for further study and notifying all recipients of the original resolutions that such action had been taken;

Therefore Be It Resolved that ALA's Social Responsibilities Round Table now fully reaffirms the earlier actions of ALA Membership and ALA Council and urges that those two bodies do likewise, and further requests that ALA Council direct the IRC to proceed immediately with implementation of the earlier actions;

And Be It Further Resolved that copies of this resolution be sent to all parties sent either of the 1992 resolutions (Membership and Council) and the 1993 Council resolution.